Hey! My name’s Carlos (aka Carlito) and welcome to A Brother Abroad, where I travel the world in search of unique adventures and stories

I’ve lived a quite a few different lives. I was a Marine for a time and then leased myself to corporate America as a management consultant before becoming a digital nomad, traveling the world and fixing problems for startups on the road. Now, I travel full time in search of intense experiences and deep stories that open our eyes and change our perceptions about foreign places and cultures.

My teacher and I at the end of a meditation retreat outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand

“But there are so many people traveling the world and telling stories, Carlos. What makes you different?”

Simply put, I see and experience things differently than most travelers. As a former Marine, I’m trained to go places most people can’t and do what most people don’t. Everywhere I go, I do as much as possible without guides or extra assistance and live just like the locals do. Whether that means carrying my own bags while guiding myself to Everest Base Camp, or riding solo on a motorcycle through Laos without another westerner for days, it is in my nature to embrace the adventure (and the pain), embrace the culture, and return with a story.  I say yes to everything and I routinely make bad decisions to keep life interesting.

Learning to forage from a truly majestic native of Asia


I most recently finished a six month tour of Asia from sea to sky, making my way by motorbike though Vietnam and Laos, studying with monks in Thailand, witnessing wonders of the world in Cambodia, hiking through Myanmar, and ending in Nepal with a quick ascent to Everest Base Camp

Successfully getting to Everest Base Camp and so happy I could handstand!

Follow me as I seek out new people, food, culture, fun, and always…adventure.  Welcome to A Brother Abroad…in pursuit of adventure