The perfect Southeast Asia itinerary for 3 months of backpacking and travel is a tough trip to plan as the “perfect” route highly dependent on you, your tastes, and what you enjoy most in your travel experiences.  With so many countries, so many options for proceeding through them, and so many sites and experiences that … Read more

The Perfect Tuk Tuk Rental | Sri Lanka| Price, Itinerary, & More

Tuk Tuk Rental Sri Lanka Review | Price, Itinerary, Experience, Info

If you’re interested in a Tuk-Tuk rental, Sri Lanka is the best place for your three-wheeled adventure. For travelers that have visited Asia and been taxi’ed around by the little three-wheeled go-carts called “Tuk-Tuks”, there is a feeling of adventure attached to the sight of them.  When you see a Tuk-Tuk, 9 times out of … Read more

Las Grietas Galapagos: A Guide to Swimming in a Volcanic Crack

“Las Grietas Galapagos” or “the Cracks of Galapagos” are a quick, fun, and refreshing day trip into a refreshingly cool and blue crack in the earth. One of the many amazing, free things to do on Galapagos, Las Grietas is a perfect way to spend a couple hours in the morning and afternoon on your … Read more

A Complete Galapagos Packing List: Essential items, info, and tips

The Galapagos Islands is a bucket list destination for most adventurous travelers.  When the time finally arises to walk among animals in a place where time stands still, you want to be ready – this includes have all of the right gear for your Galapagos Packing List. Having the right gear to stay dry, warm, … Read more

Things to Do in Santa Cruz, Galapagos – An Ultimate Guide: Snorkeling, Day Trips, and More

Why Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos? Why Go: Numerous things to do in Santa Cruz, Galapagos make it the perfect for one stop, budget tour of the Galapagos Islands. Decent accommodations, ample food and grocery options, robust tours, and easy access from the mainland make most quintessential Galapagos experiences possible without leaving the island (aside from the … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Camping El Chalten: Free Campsites, Trails, and More

Patagonia – vast, beautiful, legendary.  This epic land is filled with countless trails & vistas worth traveling half a world away to see. While you’re exploring Argentine Patagonia, camping El Chalten and trekking the surrounding Parque Nacional Los Glaciares should be on your bucket list.  It’s a cheap, easy, and beautiful experience. This tiny mountain … Read more

The Essential El Chalten Trekking and Hiking Guide

El Chalten – A tiny mountain town nestled in a beautiful corner of Argentine Patagonia.  Whether you’re looking for pleasant day hikes and comfy mattress at night, ormulti-day treks with camping under the stars, the El Chalten trekking and hiking options definitely offer your flavor and style of outdoor adventure. Unfortunately, with all of these … Read more

The Essential Patagonia and Torres del Paine Packing List

Patagonia and Torres del Paine Packing List

Patagonia and Torres del Paine offer some of the most magnificent landscapes and views on the planet.  Lucky for you, you’ll have to take on a few days of trekking in the wild, natural solitude to reach them.  Those few days of hiking and sleeping under the stars can be some of the coziest, warmest, … Read more

The Ultimate Torres del Paine O Circuit Guide [2019-2020]

The Torres del Paine O Circuit trek is the ultimate trek in Torres del Paine National Park, one of the most amazing ranges of land in Patagonia.  The O circuit improves on the 5 day W Trek by adding 4 more days of trekking through the more remote and less trafficked “backside” of Torres del … Read more