The Micro Backpacking Trails

The “micro trails” allow us to squeeze backpacking style adventures, with the sights, the experiences, and the connections, into our precious two weeks a year by picking strategic destinations dense with exposure to the world, packed tightly to shorten transit times, and with the same excellent travel infrastructure. If you have limited time to travel … Read more

Bali COVID-19 Info for Expats and Travelers [Updated March 2020]

Welcome to the ABA resource for Bali and Indonesia COVID-19 information meant to help ex-pats and travelers on Bali and in Indonesia with COVID-19 related visa issues and tracking the quickly changing situation here on Indo. **LATEST UPDATES** (Last Updated: April 7) The Indonesian government is mandating the requirement to wear masks when outdoors (Source) … Read more

Southeast Asia CoronaVirus Info Tracker for Travelers and Nomads (Updated Daily)

With the flurry of the Corona Virus, many travelers and nomads (including myself) are either stuck outside of our home countries or faced with the tough decision of entering a more heated crisis in our home country or enduring through an oncoming crisis in our present country. This guide will be updated daily and aims … Read more

Freediving in Bali: The Beginning of a New Adventure

Freediving on Bali | The Adventure 8

Aaron: Hey man, I heard you’re going to Bali.  That true? Me: I was thinking about it.  What ya got? Aaron: So I was thinking about Canggu, next to a great surf beach, and then find a freediving and spearfishing course. You in?  Me: **consults bucket list, flips coin** Yup.  I’m in.  …and that’s how … Read more

My Experience Traveling Southeast Asia During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world quarantines and panics, travelers across Southeast Asia watch closely to filter hype from fact and weigh whether to compromise between their lives and their trip of a lifetime. Today is March 13, 2020 and the coronavirus has officially been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.  A state of emergency has … Read more

The Best Coworking Spaces – Bali

Welcome to A Brother Abroad’s Guide to Coworking Spaces – Bali |With mountains and beaches, surfing and sun, adventures, yoga, and so much more at a very cheap cost of living, Bali, the “Island of the Gods” is a paradise.  All of the creature comforts at a great price to make Bali a great stop … Read more

The 7 Best Coworking Spaces Canggu Has to Offer


Bali is a paradise and very popular with remote workers and digital nomads, and Canggu is a perfect place to make a temporary hub for nomads and remote workers.  With all of its Coworking spaces, Canggu offers something to fit everyone’s working atmosphere tastes, budget, and after work activities.  Unfortunately, understanding the options and Canggu … Read more

The 7 Best Ubud Coworking Spaces to Work, Live, and Give

Ubud Coworking Spaces (02) - Outpost Ubud

For many people in Bali, whether they’re vacationers passing through that need to get some quick work done, business types on a two week trip through Asia (with a weekend to spare) or nomads making a living the digital universe, work needs to happen at some point.  When the time comes, one of the many … Read more

7 Best Canggu Surf Schools According to Locals & Nomads

7 Best Canggu Surf Schools |

When you think of destination surf camps, a handful of epic and beautiful spots come to mind: Costa Rica, Portugal, Nicaragua, Morocco, and (of course) Bali.  Bali’s year-round surf, great vibe, and indescribable beauty make it a top destination in general but the surf schools, specifically the Canggu Surf Schools make it a hard surf … Read more