The 7 Best Coworking Spaces Canggu Has to Offer


Bali is a paradise and very popular with remote workers and digital nomads, and Canggu is a perfect place to make a temporary hub for nomads and remote workers.  With all of its Coworking spaces, Canggu offers something to fit everyone’s working atmosphere tastes, budget, and after work activities.  Unfortunately, understanding the options and Canggu … Read more

7 Best Canggu Surf Schools According to Locals & Nomads

7 Best Canggu Surf Schools |

When you think of destination surf camps, a handful of epic and beautiful spots come to mind: Costa Rica, Portugal, Nicaragua, Morocco, and (of course) Bali.  Bali’s year-round surf, great vibe, and indescribable beauty make it a top destination in general but the surf schools, specifically the Canggu Surf Schools make it a hard surf … Read more

11 Amazing Canggu hostels that will make you rethink “minimalist” travel

The Best Canggu Hostels - Kosone Hostel |

Canggu is the coolest new hotspot on Bali and arguably in Southeast Asia.  Whether you want to surf, sun, socialize, or get spiritual, it’s all possible here…and the Canggu hostels scene is impressively set up to make this all possible in style. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at how awesome the accommodations are, and you’ll … Read more

The Best of Bali Itinerary: 7 Days of Solo Travel, Fun, and Adventure on the “Island of the Gods”

Tannah Lot near Canggu, Bali Itinerary 7 days Bali Solo Travel

This isn’t the Bali of your “Eat, Pray, Love” stereotypes.  Though you’ll have ample opportunity to do any of the three if you choose.  Today’s Bali is a complex paradise filled with adventure, food, and an island vibe that’ll make you reconsider leaving.  With this Bali itinerary, 7 days will be just enough to soak … Read more

25 Things to Do in Canggu that will make you want to stay in Bali…forever…


I know what the first thing that comes to mind is when you think of Bali, and Canggu is not that.  This is not your “Eat, Pray, Love” Bali.  Canggu was born waaaaaay after that era, and it shows.  This place is about adventure, taste, culture, fun, and chillin’ in between.  It’s a launch pad … Read more

Canggu Bars – A Guide to Sipping and Chilling in Bali’s Coolest Area

Canggu Bars A Guide to Sipping and Chilling in Balis Coolest Area

Whether you’re arriving in Canggu after a 40 hour flight or after a whirlwind 10 day Bali itinerary experiencing the “Island of the Gods”, you’ll definitely need to chill and recover – and the Canggu bars are the perfect setting for the flava of relaxation you need. Bali’s coolest new scene, Canggu, naturally splits up … Read more

Where To Hit The Gym | Canggu Edition

Gym Canggu - A Guide to the Gyms, Yoda Studios, and Fitness Options in Canggu, Bali

Whether you’re passing through over a weekend or stranded on the island paradise of Bali for months, the electic options of Bali’s coolest neighborhood make it easy to hit the gym Canggu style but still get the workout you want.  The gyms in Canggu range from the predicatble yoga studios to minimalist crossfit gyms and … Read more

The Canggu Restaurants List: A Guide to the Best Restaurants in Canggu

The Best Restaurants in Canggu | A list of Canggu Restaurants by A Brother Abroad

Canggu is arguably Bali’s most popular new area, and the Canggu restaurants validate the hype.  The eclectic vibe that extends from the young Balinese crowd all of the way to the runaway expats and sunbathing (mildly) hipster vacationers mixes to create a diverse set of eateries all serving up their own style of fusion dishes: … Read more