Southeast Asia CoronaVirus Info Tracker for Travelers and Nomads (Updated Daily)

With the flurry of the Corona Virus, many travelers and nomads (including myself) are either stuck outside of our home countries or faced with the tough decision of entering a more heated crisis in our home country or enduring through an oncoming crisis in our present country. This guide will be updated daily and aims … Read more

My Experience Traveling Southeast Asia During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world quarantines and panics, travelers across Southeast Asia watch closely to filter hype from fact and weigh whether to compromise between their lives and their trip of a lifetime. Today is March 13, 2020 and the coronavirus has officially been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.  A state of emergency has … Read more

Olaian 900 7′ Decathlon Surfboard Review: Insanely Fun, Perfect for Beginners, Travel, and Kooky Enjoyment

Surfing is an amazing experience.  Sitting atop a peak in the ocean as it thrusts you towards shore is an exciting yet chill rush that’s unlike many other experiences in life.  Better yet, it’s healthy, (fairly) cheap, and takes you some of the most beautiful places (and beaches) on our planet.  Thanks to the new … Read more

What To Do in Kuala Lumpur: Food, sights, experiences & best restaurants in KL according to a Malaysian foodie

Contents: My Trip to Malaysia: The Best Visa Run Ever Alvin the Legend’s 5 Day Itinerary for What to Do in Kuala Lumpur, food, and the best restaurants in KL Other Tips for Kuala Lumpur Other Places in Malaysia and Nearby to Consider Picture a country – a long strip of land with coasts on … Read more