The 6 Best Sri Lanka Safari Tours | Elephants, Leopards, and Other Wildlife On The Pearl Of the Indian Ocean

No trip to “Ceylon” is complete without a real Sri Lanka Safari tour.  The wildlife safaris in Sri Lanka are so rich, varied, and affordable, that a traveler can see leopards, elephants, bears, crocodiles, buffalo, and more all in a single day, for less than $40.  Additionally, seeing these animals free, wild, and in their … Read more

The Perfect Sri Lanka Itinerary | 3 Weeks of Adventure in the Garden of Eden

Sri Lanka is one of the hottest backpacker and adventure travel destinations in the world right now, and with good reason.  With a good Sri Lanka itinerary, 3 weeks is enough to surf, trek, safari, and wander to your heart’s contentment from beaches, to elephant filled jungles, to cool and misty tea plantations, and 2500+ … Read more

Getting Around Sri Lanka by Train, Bus, and On Your Own

Sri Lanka, the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is an island paradise ripe with adventure and is at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists.  Unfortunately getting around Sri Lanka and understanding how to travel quickly and easily by train, bus, and car has most people worried about creating their own Sri Lanka adventure and … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka for a Real Sri Lanka Experience | What to See, Best Beaches, Best Experiences, and More

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Sri Lanka Everything You Need to Know: Watch and Read These Before Your Trip

Sri Lanka was without a doubt one of my favorite destinations in Asia.  With all of the legends I’d heard of surfing, elephant safaris, and ruins of ancient kingdoms, my desire to travel was very piqued. Unfortunately, this was all word of mouth from backpacking travelers and I’d heard little else positive in the media … Read more

What To Pack For Sri Lanka: 10 Essential Items For Traveling Sri Lanka

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Essentials For Backpacking Sri Lanka | Vaccinations for Sri Lanka, Travel Insurance, Safety, And Avoiding Scams

The adventure of experiencing Sri Lanka is one of a kind and easily worth the hours of research, preparation, and flying to reach this island paradise.  Unfortunately, the foreignness of Sri Lanka can be a turnoff for many westerners.  Logistics like understanding the necessary vaccinations for Sri Lanka, travel insurance, how to handle food and … Read more

The Best Sri Lanka Budget Tours, Package Tours, and Travel Guide Options

Sri Lanka is an island paradise where the beaches are welcoming, the ruins are magnificent, and the wildlife abounds. However, for the new wanderer or traveler with a tight timeline, packing in the essential experiences of Sri Lanka smoothly and easily can be a hefty task.  Luckily, there are plenty of Sri Lanka budget tours … Read more