The Perfect Philippines Itinerary (2 Weeks)

The Philippines: An unreal paradise of over 7,000 known islands, white sand beaches, and warm turquoise water.  But as perfect as the Philippines are, the distance between these epic locations and a lack of airports or costly tickets make it seem not worthwhile to use your 2 weeks of vacation for this far off water … Read more

The 3 Best Coron to Manila Ferry Options

Coron Palawan Paradise - Coron to ManilaA

The Philippines and Palawan are possibly the most beautiful aquatic paradises on the planet.  Unfortunately, traveling around the 7,000 islands and finding out your options for the Coron to Manila ferry after your amazing time on Coron can be difficult at best. Additionally, all international flights pass through Manila, making it mandatory to make your … Read more

A Guide to the Coron Tours and Coron Diving Options

Coron Island. The northernmost island in the Palawan islands. Unheard of until recently and surrounded by crystal clear waters, secret lagoons, countless shipwrecks for snorkeling and diving, and white sand beaches. If you enjoy the sun and the sea while getting off the beaten track, Coron should be on your list. The perfectly curated list … Read more

Manila to Coron Ferry & Other Options by Air, Land, and Sea

Coron Island was the highlight of the Philippines for my trip. Shipwrecks at snorkeling depth, dense coral gardens, white sands, and pristine turquoise waters make this locale hard to beat… but you have to work for the beauty and adventure by finding your way to this paradise. There are plenty of options, for the budget, … Read more