The Micro Backpacking Trails

The “micro trails” allow us to squeeze backpacking style adventures, with the sights, the experiences, and the connections, into our precious two weeks a year by picking strategic destinations dense with exposure to the world, packed tightly to shorten transit times, and with the same excellent travel infrastructure. If you have limited time to travel … Read more

Southeast Asia CoronaVirus Info Tracker for Travelers and Nomads (Updated Daily)

With the flurry of the Corona Virus, many travelers and nomads (including myself) are either stuck outside of our home countries or faced with the tough decision of entering a more heated crisis in our home country or enduring through an oncoming crisis in our present country. This guide will be updated daily and aims … Read more

Olaian 900 7′ Decathlon Surfboard Review: Insanely Fun, Perfect for Beginners, Travel, and Kooky Enjoyment

Surfing is an amazing experience.  Sitting atop a peak in the ocean as it thrusts you towards shore is an exciting yet chill rush that’s unlike many other experiences in life.  Better yet, it’s healthy, (fairly) cheap, and takes you some of the most beautiful places (and beaches) on our planet.  Thanks to the new … Read more

The 6 Best Sri Lanka Safari Tours | Elephants, Leopards, and Other Wildlife On The Pearl Of the Indian Ocean

No trip to “Ceylon” is complete without a real Sri Lanka Safari tour.  The wildlife safaris in Sri Lanka are so rich, varied, and affordable, that a traveler can see leopards, elephants, bears, crocodiles, buffalo, and more all in a single day, for less than $40.  Additionally, seeing these animals free, wild, and in their … Read more

The Perfect Sri Lanka Itinerary | 3 Weeks of Adventure in the Garden of Eden

Sri Lanka is one of the hottest backpacker and adventure travel destinations in the world right now, and with good reason.  With a good Sri Lanka itinerary, 3 weeks is enough to surf, trek, safari, and wander to your heart’s contentment from beaches, to elephant filled jungles, to cool and misty tea plantations, and 2500+ … Read more

Getting Around Sri Lanka by Train, Bus, and On Your Own

Sri Lanka, the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is an island paradise ripe with adventure and is at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists.  Unfortunately getting around Sri Lanka and understanding how to travel quickly and easily by train, bus, and car has most people worried about creating their own Sri Lanka adventure and … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka for a Real Sri Lanka Experience | What to See, Best Beaches, Best Experiences, and More

With all of the great locales around the world, why should you, as an adventurous traveler with only a few weeks free and a tight budget, visit Sri Lanka? When searching for the best places to visit in Sri Lanka the search can get overwhelming very quickly.  There are so many beaches, experiences, ruins, and … Read more

Sri Lanka Everything You Need to Know: Watch and Read These Before Your Trip

Sri Lanka was without a doubt one of my favorite destinations in Asia.  With all of the legends I’d heard of surfing, elephant safaris, and ruins of ancient kingdoms, my desire to travel was very piqued. Unfortunately, this was all word of mouth from backpacking travelers and I’d heard little else positive in the media … Read more