My 8 Favorite Sandals for Travel and Adventure

Wander Southeast Asia for more than 5 minutes and you’ll notice something funny – everyone handles business in sandals.  And by “business” I mean everything from hard work in rice fields, hiking up mountains with loads on their back, and every other kind hard labor you can imagine.  All in sandals. So what does this … Read more

The 5 Best Socks for Rucking, Hiking, and Travel: Merino Socks for Comfy, Dry Feet

During most adventures, whether hiking or wandering, comfy feet can make or break how enjoyable an adventure.  Finding the best socks for rucking, hiking, or travel in general not only keeps your bag lighter but keeps your feet comfier and funk free.  The perfect pair of socks will keep your feet dry, avoid blisters, can … Read more

Foehn Brise Pant Review: The Perfect Hiking, Jogging, and Travel Pants

Discover the perfect casual and travel pants in this Foehn Brise Pants review – an outdoor focused rock climbing tech pant with a modern and stylish aesthetic that makes them perfect for travel, gym, and daily where, far beyond the crags. Finding that perfect pair of pants for adventurous travel, that look good, feel comfortable, … Read more

What To Pack For Sri Lanka: 10 Essential Items For Traveling Sri Lanka

Knowing what to pack for Sri Lanka is one of the most important questions for travelers planning to wander the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”.  Though I can pretty much guarantee you will be fine no matter what you take, there is a handful items to add your Sri Lanka packing list to stay warm, … Read more

Rick Steve’s Packing List – Adapted for Adventurous Travelers


Rick Steve’s and the “Rick Steve’s Packing List” are legendary, nearly perfect for lightweight, minimalist travel – making your travels more enjoyable by taking only what’s necessary and leaving the extras (and your worries) behind.  Unfortunately, Rick Steve specializes in travel to Western Europe, a predictable bit of civilization where things aren’t likely to get … Read more

A Complete Galapagos Packing List: Essential items, info, and tips

The Galapagos Islands is a bucket list destination for most adventurous travelers.  When the time finally arises to walk among animals in a place where time stands still, you want to be ready – this includes have all of the right gear for your Galapagos Packing List. Having the right gear to stay dry, warm, … Read more