The Ozaki 8: Inspiration for True Outdoor & Adventure Travel

Ozaki 8 - Inspiration for Outdoor & Adventure Travel

In the new remake of the movie Point Break “the Ozaki 8” is a challenge posed to the adventure sports world for honor and the pursuit of adventure. The Ozaki eight extreme sports “ordeals” are intended to honor the elements and forces of nature while testing the abilities of “poly-athletes”. Ono Ozaki, the creator of … Read more

10 Great Adventure Travel Movies That You’ve Never Seen

The 10 of the Best Adventure Travel Movies that no one knows of: Bella Vita

Great travel movies are priceless.  They can keep you motivated during those days of the cubicle cage and mundane routine. Unfortunately Googling, “Best Travel Movies” always churns out the same 10 . Lucky for you, I’ve kept an ongoing list of the best travel movies that will inspire your next adventure, and found a few you … Read more

Why Tourists Pay More Than Locals and How to Avoid It

How to Avoid Tourist Prices

In some parts of the world money truly isn’t everything and being a member of society involves more than just dollars and Euros.  In these places, you will always pay more than a “local”.  This is fate’s unintentional way of making up for what you as a foreigner can’t contribute to the communities of these … Read more

Embrace the Suck: An ode to pain and the lessons it brings

Embrace the suck and the pain it brings

Embracing the suck, the new “School of Hard Knocks” At the end of senior year, my high school asked every student to write down the “institution of higher learning” they would be attending upon graduation.  Jokingly, I scribbled in “the School of Hard Knocks” as at that time I planned on entering the Marine Corps.  … Read more

What is a Digital Nomad? The ticket to a travel lifestyle…

The Digital Nomad Equation: Income earned online + a mobile lifestyle + a cheap, cultured, techy city = a digital nomad lifestyle According to Wikipedia “Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner”   What is a Digital Nomad? With the rise of telecommuting, … Read more