50 Best Crossfit Bodyweight WODs [+PDF] | Tough Workouts that Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Bodyweight Crossfit WODs

When working out at home, on the road, or outdoors, getting in a good workout without weights and with minimal equipment can be tough.  Luckily, these Crossfit Bodyweight WODs make the perfect workouts to burn fat, and build strength, muscle, and performance, all with no equipment. Whether you’re trying to get a quick, intense, and … Read more

69+ Great Crossfit Hotel WODs: Gym-free workouts anywhere, anytime

Crossfit Hotel WOD

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the craziness of moving can easily disrupt anyone’s fitness routine.  Finding the time to squeeze in a good workout is hard enough, but working out in a hotel gym with little equipment can be tough…especially if there is no hotel gym! Lucky for us, the “Crossfit hotel WODs”, … Read more

The DIY TRX and homemade Monkii Bars: The Best suspension trainer ever (I promise…)

DIY TRX and TRX Door Anchor

Suspension trainers are amazing.  When used correctly, you can get a great workout anywhere, which is perfect for fitness conscious travelers. With this DIY TRX you’ll learn how to make a suspension trainer that is just as durable and high quality as any you’ll buy, but much more compact and versatile Go anywhere, and stay … Read more

101+ Crossfit Travel WODs: Workouts for anywhere, anytime

101 Crossfit Travel WODs

Staying fit while traveling is something we all want – staying fit improves the experience of travel, raising our energy levels, and helping us handle the hiccups of travel with ease.  Keeping that sexy is a nice perk too.  This is where the Crossfit Travel WODs come to the rescue. (Jump right to the Crossfit … Read more

50 Most Intense Crossfit Chipper WODs for Strength, Endurance, Bodyweight, and Partner Workouts [PDF]

When it comes to building durable, practical fitness and stamina, Crossfit Chipper WODs are a worthwhile staple.  Simple, straight forward, and effective, Chipper WODs consist of a stream of exercises that we “chip” through with as little rest and as much intensity as possible.  The results are not only amazing stamina and enduring strength, but … Read more

How to Ruck: A Guide to Rucking

With the huge number of high tech gyms, exercise trends and fitness fads, knowing how to ruck gives a simple, easy, and functional workout option that’ll lets you build durable fitness with minimal equipment.  Rucking is good enough to train elite military forces and more than enough to help you build the body, fitness, and … Read more