The Ultimate Western Rise Evolution Pant Review

Extremely stylish, lightweight, breathable, and travel-ready, the Western Rise Evolution Pant is just as suited for adventures as looking good.  After a year of wearing these awesomely techy yet comfy and stylish pants, they’ve become my travel pants of choice for another year of travel. Suppose you’re aiming for a minimalist (yet stylish), travel-ready wardrobe … Read more

How to Wash Clothes Without a Washer While Traveling Using a Dry Bag and Dish Detergent

When it comes to luggage and travel, less is more. The dry bag laundry method is the epitome of this “traveler minimalism” and it makes for the perfect travel laundry kit.  Keeping a dry bag for laundry allows you to wash anytime, meaning you can travel more with fewer sets of clothes but still have … Read more

7 Useful Reasons Why The Rogue Resistance Bands Are Insanely Perfect For Home And Travel Workouts

Staying fit and strong should be a priority no matter where we’re at in life.  Good fitness and the health that comes with make for practical insurance policy against sickness and injury.  Whether we’re stuck in a hotel or guest house, or limited by a home gym, we should be limited in how we train … Read more

7 Great Men’s Travel Shorts for Any Kind of Travel

Travel Shorts

The right pair of men’s travel shorts, that look good and perform well through your adventures are the perfect addition to your travel wardrobe Most people enjoy traveling to sunny places with warm weather and refreshing water, so for most travelers bringing a good pair of shorts is essential.  Just make sure these travel shorts … Read more

9 Best Rucking Plates, Weights, and DIY Options for Your Rucksack

The 9 Best Rucking Weights Options to Safe, Comfortable Rucking Workouts

Rucking is one of the simplest, most effective options for fitness building strength and cardio ability at the same time.  All you need is the right backpack and the right rucking weights. With all of the options – ruck plates, sandbags, and plenty of cheap DIY options – when starting out rucking, it can be … Read more

15 Best Men’s Travel Pants for Every Style, Budget, or Adventure

Men’s Travel Pants for Every Style, Budget, or Adventure | Travel Pants

Men’s Travel Pants: The unicorn of the travel wardrobe | What to take and how to avoid overpacking are some of the most vexing problems in travel prep.  Having durable clothing that looks good, doesn’t get dirty, and performs well from the city to the trail definitely makes packing and planning easier and this is … Read more

7 Reasons Outlier Slim Dungarees Are Your Perfect Travel Pants

Outlier Slim Dungarees Review (6)

Finding those perfect travel pants – those pants that look good, stay clean, stay comfortable, and are durable enough to last your travels – is like chasing a unicorn and the ongoing quest of frequent travelers.  In some part of our minds, we think they exist…but those mythical “perfect travel pants” are nowhere to be … Read more

My 8 Favorite Sandals for Travel and Adventure

Wander Southeast Asia for more than 5 minutes and you’ll notice something funny – everyone handles business in sandals.  And by “business” I mean everything from hard work in rice fields, hiking up mountains with loads on their back, and every other kind hard labor you can imagine.  All in sandals. So what does this … Read more

SafetyWing Travel Insurance Review: Great Coverage for ~$1 A Day

I live for adventure and travel.  Along the way I hope for the best, and plenty of luck, but let’s be honest – accidents happen.  The best I can do is be prepared so that when something finally does go wrong, handling it is as quick and easy as possible.  Maintaining travel insurance, with emergency … Read more