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DRIVE TEST: PART 4 – Save your results to review later for motivation and retake the test in 6 months

DRIVE TEST: PART 4 - Save your results to review later for motivation and retake the test in 6 months

Objective: In part 4, you’ll record your results in an easy to understand and reference at a later date and decide on how and when to review your results and redo your test



If you want a reminder of doing the Drive Test and Lifestyle Design Exercise will lead to your best life, visit The Drive Test introduction page


  1. Drive Test Part 1: Define your passions and what drives you
  2. Drive Test Part 2: Rank and prioritize your passions and “drivers” to understand what makes up your best life
  3. Drive Test Part 3: Create a plan, with small achievable steps, to make your ideal life a reality
  4. Drive Test Part 4: Polish your results, save them to review for motivation, and following up on your test every 6 months


Suggestions for completing the Drive Test:

  • Do this exercise alone
  • Encourage your partner to do this exercise (alone as well) and share the results upon completion
  • Take note of “AHA!” moments and realizations
  • Don’t edit yourself, and don’t rule out the possibility of drastic changes
  • Consider keeping a notebook for the duration of this exercise and after to reference back to in 6 months
  • Note interesting realizations, negative ideas that come up, realizations that something is important to you but neglected in life right now, or realizations that something is not important but heavily consumes your time, energy, and resources

Now, let’s continue with Part 4 of the Drive Test and rank your passions


Step 1: Record your results in a way that makes them easy to refer back to

  1. On the first page, list your top 5 drivers with the actionable steps you’ve decided to take towards these 5 “ideal states”
    1. Highlight the actions that you will be focusing on first
  1. On the second page, list all of your 10-20 drivers in full detail that you’ve defined, keeping them in prioritized order
  2. On the third page, list any insights that you’ve had along the way during this exercise
  3. Add one last page but keep it blank — Over the course of the next six months, as you refer back to this lifestyle design and your drivers, note your insights and realizations on this sheet.   As you refer back to your Drive Test results, consider the following questions.


What did you think you needed but actually didn’t?

What did you believe you were passionate about but actually weren’t?

What did you forget to account for?

What things are you doing that have you more excited than you anticipated?


All of these notes and answers will be gold the next time you do this exercise – because just like you, your idea of your ideal life will change over time, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly.  Having this sheet will help you see your own changes and incorporate them into the future

  1. Keep these pages as a reference to look back on and remind you what in life is truly worth focusing on


Step 2: Revisit your Drive Test results and Lifestyle Design once per month and whenever you complete a task

  1. Review your lifestyle design and drivers once monthly (at least) and whenever you complete a task or fully incorporate a habit
  2. Whenever you complete a task, follow up with your plan to check it off and choose a new task to work on next
  3. Once a month, review your plan to keep the things you want to focus on top of mind
  4. When reviewing your Drive Test results, revisit the progress you’ve made in the last month.  What achievements motivated you even more?  What accomplishments were anti-climactic and need to be removed from the list?  Whatever you realize, adjust your plan accordingly to ensure you are consistently investing in whatever drives you


Retake the test once every 6 months

  1. The ideal life and lifestyle for you will change as you grow, so reexamining your drivers from scratch will keep you on track for your ideal life
  2. As you focus more on working on things that have deep meaning for you and expose yourself to more, your priorities will change and you will need to adjust your plan (and consciously adjust your priorities) accordingly.
  3. Revisiting the Drive Test and Lifestyle Design Exercise will focus your attention on whether you are investing in a balanced way across your life and in a diversified way to mitigate life’s unavoidable pitfalls
  4. Note the depleting responsibilities, relationships, and objects in your life that you come across and be aware of them to decrease investment – consider applying the LivMin philosophy to things that suit you



    You now have a prioritized list of statements that embody the relationships, activities, places, and things that drive you, a plan to make them a reality in your life, and a plan to follow up and keep the progress going. Congrats!  Let me know your at [email protected] and keep me posted on your progress


Was this exercise helpful to you? Share the love and send the Drive Test to a friend you know could use a push towards their ideal life


Other Great Links

  • Overview of the Drive Test & Lifestyle Design Exercise
  • The LivMin philosophy  

Or let me know at [email protected], and feel free to share any thoughts, questions, or suggestions



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