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Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying….

Where do most people die?  In hospitals?  In their beds at home?  In the streets after an accident?

I would argue that most people die in their own hearts, and in their own minds. 

Long before most people ever leave this planet, they stop truly living, by abandoning their own purpose, their own ideas, their own ambitions, and their own dreams – far sooner than they should have stopped.  Far sooner than their heart stops beating.

When a person abandons what they were meant to live for and then never return to it, that’s the moment when they truly die.  That’s when their dreams and life giving youthfulness, energy, and desire flee.

On the same note – why do we worry so much about death? We worry about old age and extending our time “alive” on this planet.  We worry about the unexpected catastrophes that could befall us at any moment.  We preoccupy our best and brightest with finding new ways to look young and be young, hopefully forever.

We’re worrying about the inevitable.

We all grow older.

We all die…eventually.

Nothing we do can change this.  This, growing old and eventually dying, is beyond our power.

So if death is beyond our power, why do we worry so much about fighting the inevitable?  Spending time fighting the inevitable is the epitome of wasting the most precious resources we have in the here and now – life, and the moment.

Instead of worrying about attaining more of something beyond our control (time) why don’t we worry about wasting the most precious resources we have – time…and life.

Instead of worrying about death, why don’t we “worry” about wasting life?

We spend countless hours in our life slaving away to achieve the goals of a boss and a business owner we’ll never meet…

We spend countless hours slaving away keeping up with the Jones and carving ourselves into the societal norms…

We spend countless hours following trends and the next best thing to ensure we’re doing what’s normal and accepted, avoiding the “different” way of doing things, avoiding the new, unique way

We spend countless hours doing things to please others’ desires, to fulfill others expectations, and to play the role we were handed…

…and how many hours a week do you think the average person spends investing in their own “impossible” dream?

…how many hours do we spend per day on that thing we live for?  That passion…that goal…that partner…that child…that cause…that reason you feel like you were put here on this rock flying through space. 

That reason you should live for.  How much of your life do you give to it?

When you boil down this diatribe, that’s all that matters.

No reason, no fear, no social pressure, and no obstacle should stop you from living a life filled with the purpose you exist for.

What is your purpose?  What do you believe you exist for?  How much of your life does that thing get every day?

The answer to that is question is the answer to the only question that really matters – are you busy living?  Or, are you busy dying?

Now, to quote one of my favorite movies ever…

…get busy living, or get busy dying.

Personally, I hope you choose from this moment forward…to truly live.

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