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The Travel Survey | Best Destinations by Age, Gender, and Travel Style

Welcome to the Travel Statistics Survey, an ongoing project to discover where travelers go, why, and where you should go next.

Our secondary goal is to find the best destinations for individual travelers and travel styles (solo, female, budget, with children, adventure, foodie, etc.) and share those to make more travel smoother and more enjoyable!

Your participation helps us gather more good information to share with other travelers for free! Stay tuned for the results and email Carlos at for more info.

FYI… here’s what the data is saying so far…

  • EVERY traveler that has responded so far has visited Southeast Asia regardless of their gender, age, or travel style.
  • ~90% have visited Italy
  • The average “traveler” has visited 22 countries
  • …and women travel MUCH more than men (come back in a bit to find out how much)… 

Does this sound inaccurate to you? Take the survey and help us get to the right answer  

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Carlos is an adventure traveler, Crossfit Trainer, and Strength & Conditioning Coach dedicated to helping others travel better to far off destinations for pure adventure experiences, and stay fit and adventure-ready along the way. Click here to learn more about Carlos's story.