Get fit using our "No Gym Fitness" approach to staying healthy and feeling good.

Calisthenics, sandbag training, rucking, mobility, and more, to stay fit and ready for anything.

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    Carlos' story

    As a former Marine and adventure traveler with 7+ years on the road, Carlos knows more than a few things about staying fit for adventure. For over 20 years, Carlos has practice the art of maintaining peak health and fitness, with minimal equipment and no gym.

    Through calisthenics, sandbag and kettlebell training, rucking, and mobility training, Carlos has created a system to maintain peak performance sufficient to run impromptu marathons, tackle the Himalayas solo, and engage in the adventure sports he lives for. Via the Wellfit Newsletter, Carlos shares the minimalist fitness tips, principles, and approaches he uses, so you too can state fit anywhere.

    Carlos grider

    Athlete, traveler, writer.