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Affiliate Partnerships

To keep this site running we partner with various gear and service providers that we trust and use ourselves. If you would like to keep the stories of travel, gear reviews, and travel tips coming, support one of our partners via the links on the site

Your support funds development of new travel content to introduce you to new destinations, guides, itineraries, follow on gear reviews, and upcoming projects – such as books, podcasts, an upcoming web series, and an upcoming travel scholarship.

Affiliate Partnerships FAQ

Q: Does the gear/experience cost more if I purchase through a link on

A: Absolutely not. A Brother Abroad recieves a small bit of compensation for the referal, but you pay the same price for the product as you would have if you’d found it on your own. By all means, if you don’t trust our process, process to the gear website and purchase it without using a link from A Brother Abroad – our primary goal here is to help get you traveling, not to make money off of you (my fellow travelers).

But keep in mind that by supporting A Brother Abroad (by purchasing gear through a link on this site) you fund us producing my great travel content, guides, itineraries, and future podcasts that we will always deliver to you for free.

Q: Why are the gear reviews on this so positive?

A: At A Brother Abroad we test, assess, and abuse tons of gear – but we make it a point to only write about gear that we overwhelmingly recommend.

First and foremost, our time is valuable and we would rather not waste unconstructively criticizing someone else’s work. This is the major reason you will primarily only find positive reviews on our site.

Second, we understand that, just like our site (A Brother Abroad) all endeavors must start somewhere and that’s usually a place of imperfection – but – we still support anyone endeavor to produce something of high quality, even if its not perfect to start out. For gear that we test which does not meet our standards, we send a detailed writeup (from the perspective of an experienced traveler) designed to help improve the product, instead of destroying the momentum that the creators have achieved.

If you are a creator and would like your gear tested by A Brother Abroad, contact us at [email protected] and let’s see what we can do.