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What is onebagging?

Onebagging is the practice of traveling with just one bag, that is often an airline carryon sized, for all of your belongings.

Though “onebag travel” takes a bit of adjustment from traditional travel, with multiple pieces of luggage, onebagging delivers the benefit of less headache when flying, as you never check a bag, never pay checked baggage fees, and never risk having your luggage lost.

Additionally, onebag travel opens of the possibilities of last minute travel changes – such as buying a motorbike and riding through Vietnam, or taking impromptu and nontraditional travel options such a small, local “chicken bus” in South America with your belongings under your seat (not under the bus) and little risk of theft.


How can people pack all of their belongings into just one bag?

Traveling the world with a single, carry-on-sized bag is possible, but takes strategic, mindful packing and a minimalist packing list. As you choose items for travel, you choose durable, higher quality items that perform more than one job (such as shoes for hiking that look good enough for a nice dinner in Paris), resist odor, and can be worn more between washes. From here, you pack your your list of less stuff into a backpack that is small enough to bring on a plane.

To get you started, we have plenty of articles sharing minimalist packing list options, recommended travel backpack options for minimalist travelers (backpackers and digital nomads), and the best clothing, shoes, and gear for single bag travel.

Why do people choose Onebag travel?

One bagging ultimately improves travel experiences, which is why I (and millions of other long term travelers) choose it. Within my 5 years of travel, every single trip I’ve taken a single bag – still packed with everything I needed. Skipping the rolling luggage, the suitcase, and multiple bags added up to more flexibility, less load, and a freer mind to enjoy those adventurous, movement filled moments – on buses, trains, and planes – between destinations.

Mind you, I still have all of the essentials – clothes, shoes, sandals, jacket, and warm layers for every climate and situation on the planet to pass through in style, as well as my laptop and everything I need to work, and toiletries and small luxuries to stay comfortable and happy. I simply strategically pick each item in my bag strategically, and aim for high quality, high performing gear up front.

Ultimately, onebagging is more cheap than comparable options, less headache ridden, and more satisfying all around.

Do you need anything special for single bag travel?

Nope! Onebagging can be accomplished with a good pair of jeans, a few t-shirts, and a school backpack. However, traveling the world for years out of a single bag does become easier (and more stylish) with the help of some of my favorite brands – GORUCK, Western Rise, Unbound, and a handful of others. But ultimately, I’d rather you spend your money on trips than gear.

In either case, our goal is to get you traveling lighter, and we will achieve just that!

Welcome to A Brother ABroad’s onebagging blog!