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I love to connect with travelers, locals, and…well anyone, anywhere!

If you want to reach out with questions about coming travels, content you’ve seen here…or you’re just sitting in an international airport waiting for a flight, get a hold of me at…

Or email me directly at [email protected]

Or follow us on Instagram @A.Brother.Abroad

A Brother Abroad does not accept Guest Posts!

Given my passion for writing, travel, and empowering digital nomads, travelers, and FIRE lifestyles around the world I take deep pride in creating every article on, prioritizing the hours necessary to write 8,000 word articles over monetizing, link building, and SEO. As such this site doesn’t accept articles from writers we do not have an existing relationship with.

Additionally, we do not do link exchanges or any content exchanges for SEO. A Brother Abroad receives 20+ guest posts requests a day and I do no respond to any of them.

For aspiring writers we have a relationship with, I do offer free article coaching

I do recognize beginner bloggers have to start somewhere and I’ve been able to make this site a passion project that supports my lifestyle – and I would like to offer the same.

To deter guest post requests for link placements and articles posted on link placements – I offer a one time coached article opportunity. I offer a topic and outline and will guide you through the process of writing a travel, fitness, FIRE, or digital nomadism article that is created to 1) fill a need for readers and 2) organically rank on the first page of Google. In exchange for the coaching required, your article will live on A Brother Abroad (and only A Brother Abroad) without links, but with attribution to you as the author. And, you can come back with any blogging or SEO questions you have later to me as a friend.

A Brother Abroad currently sees 100,000+ readers per month, 90% of which arrive via Google organically. This site uses no link building, no link exchanges, and no spammy outreach. Only good ol’ genuinely useful writing and I intend to keep it that way…but am happy to share how its possible.

If you would like to be coached through writing an article contact me at [email protected] with the title, “Interested in being coached on writing a Travel/Fitness/Nomadism/Personal Finance Article.”