Volunteering with Refugees

Two months spent assisting in Greece's refugee crisis as a teacher, translator, and a bit of a rebel

Trekking to Everest

The adventure of a lifetime: trekking solo to view the tallest mountain on earth

Motorbiking Laos and Vietnam

Two friends, two motorcycles, two remote countries, one irreplaceable adventure


Eight adventure sports that will change how you explore and experience the world around you.


The hardest sport I've ever tried, and the one I love the most. Come with me as I explore the planet...through surfing.


Seeing the world via two (or three) wheels makes getting off the beaten track easy and puts adventurous travel at your fingertips


Exploring the world and mountains by foot, in all of its muddy, hilly glory


After learning to hold my breath for 4 minutes, adventures in the ocean changed...forever. Welcome to freediving.

There are adventures that will test you, teach you, and change how you live
These are the travel experiences that have redefined how I exist