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    Start Here…To Travel Adventurously

    Hey! I’m Carlos, the traveler behind A Brother Abroad.

    Welcome to your key to traveling the world with limited time and budgets for max adventure

    If you seek to travel the world, to uncommon destinations and for adventurously uncommon experiences, this site is for you.

    My belief in how to help you travel more adventurously is simple:share the knowledge, gear, and preparation necessary to travel the world off the beaten path, and motivate and inspire you along the way to embark on your own adventure.

    My Realization About Travel

    I’ve realized that travel figures itself out — getting started is the hardest part.  So here on A Brother Abroad, we focus on helping you get started right with the essentials that, if picked right at the right, will have you ready in a way that an itinerary won’t be necessary.

    A friendly “elephant security guard” greeting people on the road through Sri Lanka

    A Brother Abroad focuses on three areas to get you ready for travel:

    • Travel Gear: Travel Clothes, Travel Backpacks, the right shoes for travel, and other essentials
    • Workouts and Fitness for travel: Getting fit for travel and staying fit on the road
    • Picking the right adventure:  Picking an uncommon destination that’s soft on the budget but rich in experience
    • Inspiration: After you know the where and how stay motivated with stories of travel and previews of the experience

    If you get these four areas lined up before your travels, everything else will fall into place.

    Picking the Right Travel Gear: Start Here

    There are 4 areas of gear you need to cover before you go

    What exactly you should take will vary 1) by the length of your trip and 2) the region of the world you’re headed to – because of climate/weather and fashion norms.

    Fitting everything I owned in a single backpack (on the back of that motorcycle) made the Vietnam adventures much more enjoyable – by picking the right gear

    Still, I always recommend taking only a carry on backpack worth of gear, keeping it minimalist and this carry on packing list as your base packing list – adding only the essentials.  You’ll be shocked how much simpler this makes traveling, by avoiding airline fees, and being able to show up just 45 minutes before an international flight (that you’ve already checked in for) instead of 3 hours before.

    But with your worries about forgetting something, you can easily use this Rick Steve’s packing list that I’ve adapted for adventure travel.  Based on this list I’ve managed to travel the world for 2 years with my personal carryon packing list and I’ve everything I need for every adventure.

    Being comfortable while still traveling with only a carry on backpack is heavily dependent on bringing the right gear – clothing that’s versatile, easy to wash and maintain, and still looks good. I’ve gone through the hard work by creating several lists to help you figure out which clothes are best for you. So check out the following articles: 

    Additionally,` you’ll need a carryon backpack that’s durable, versatile enough for your needs, has a great storage setup, and will pass as carryon luggage.  To get you started understanding your options and choosing a good backpack, check out the following articles:

    Getting Fit for Travel and Staying Fit on the Road

    With the right tools and info, staying fit anywhere is easy and worthwhile

    Staying fit during my travels is priceless because it allows me to adventure further, independently, and more safely than I otherwise could while looking and feeling good along the way.

    Not only do I stay healthier and get sick less when I maintain strength, cardio, and mobility fitness, I can push my adventure limits.  For instance, teaching myself how to surf without a teacher was only possible because I started with the upper body strength and stamina to paddle out (though it was still a struggle).  I was able to trek to Everest Base Camp solo, without a guide and carrying all of my own gear because I maintained my fitness before the adventure.  Whether rucking or getting in one of my Crossfit workouts for travel I maintained my body so that I could adventure further and enhance my experience.

    The best exercises for a bullet proof body only require…your body

    So why should you set aside time for travel fitness?

    • Treks become easier and more enjoyable
    • Trying and enjoying new adventure sports opens new travel possibilities
    • Walking miles through new cities become less daunting and tiring, and become its own workout
    • Carrying a backpack for travel makes travel easier – allowing for carry on only travel
    • (Here comes the vanity) Being fit, you feel better, look better, maintain that healthy & vibrant energy, and are generally more attractive – so if you’re traveling solo then you won’t be for long

    So you’re sold on travel fitness.  Where should you start?

    These workouts are an excellent start for travel fitness

    And here’s some info on the essential tools for staying fit on the road

    This simple setup is the best lower body exercise equipment for travelers. Click here to discover it and how to use it

    But exercise isn’t all of the fitness, mobility and flexibility are just as important.  For that, check out:

    • **The Ultimate Guide to Stretching, Flexibility, and Mobility while Traveling

    Last, this will be the starting point of everything you need to stay fit on the road

    • **Our favorite travel fitness workouts and resources

    Picking the Right Locals and Adventures for Travel

    There are two things to account for when picking the right place for your travels:

    1. Picking a location (and experience) that fit your budget
    2. Picking a location and experience that offers exactly what you want in life.

    Most people opt for the popular, the luxurious, and the oft-visited – landing in huge crowds and draining their budgets in the process. I learned quickly as a traveler that the best experiences in the world lie in places that the masses aren’t going to (yet).  Even more, the best travels happen when you build travel around an experience.  Of course, just wandering is a perfect experience (Southeast Asia is perfect for that).  However, when you’ve finally wandered to your heart’s contentment, this list will help you figure out where to next. 

    If you have any questions about a destination, feel free to reach out to me at ‘Carlos at’

    If money (and not having enough) is your biggest issue and want to explore the world I highly recommend starting with Southeast Asia.  Particularly these countries:

    If you’re older (late 20’s, 30+), from North America and want to start long term travel on a budget I highly recommend starting with South America.  Particularly, these countries are perfect for older backpackers that are more focused on the experience than party – but don’t worry, you’ll find more than enough of both while meshing more easily with locals in South America than you will in Southeast Asia

    • Argentina – start here (wine, barbecue, Latin/European vibe, nature)
    • Chile (Nature
    • Peru (Archeological sites)
    • Bolivia (Trekking)
    • Colombia (Dance, beaches, purely Latin vibes)
    A view of the road to Patagonia in Argentina – one of my favorite places on the planet

    If you’re in Europe and looking for a cheaper alternative with no visa issues head to the Balkans.  The Balkan states are quite possibly the most underrated destinations in Europe.  I highly recommend the following

    • Montenegro – Amazing nature and beautiful fjords
    • Croatia – Eastern Europe and a coastal paradise with a slight Italian ambiance
    • Albania – Arguably the most beautiful beaches in Europe without the crowds
    • Serbia and Bosnia – History, food, culture
    • Slovenia – Beautiful nature
    This…is…Eastern Europe. Montenegro. Absolutely worth a visit.

    If you love nature then I recommend these adventures that have blown my mind

    Celebrating the end of the Everest Base Camp Trek
    Celebrating the end of the Everest Base Camp Trek

    If you love the ocean these options are budget-friendly and have some of the most beautiful beaches, clearest waters, and best conditions for surfing, diving, and relaxing that I’ve ever seen.

    Canggu, Bali & cruising to shore after teaching myself to surf

    If you love food and wine but you still want to travel adventurously and on a budget

    • Argentina (Wine from Mendoza wine country, quintessential carnivore culture)
    • Portugal (European wine culture and seafood-based cuisine in an affordable destination)
    • Thailand (Arguably the most robust and unique Asian food scene outside of China and Japan)
    A little culinary adventure in Portugal…

    If you’re on the hunt for culture, a few destinations offer mind-blowing culture shock (or pleasure) experiences that are worth the trip

    • Egypt, Jordan, and Israel (Middle Eastern culture and history)
    • Turkey (History, Culture, Food)
    • Myanmar (History, Culture, Archeological Sites)
    • Thailand (Culture and Food)
    • Vietnam (History, Culture, Tradition)
    • Laos (Nature, Culture, History of the “Secret Wars”)
    • Portugal (History, Culture, Food, Wine)
    • Argentina (Quintessential mesh of European and Latin American)
    • Peru (History, Culture, Food, Countless Archeological Sites)
    • Bolivia (Culture, Other-Worldly Landscapes)
    • Colombia (Purely Latin)
    • Albania (Balkan)
    • Hungary and Czech Republic

    Getting Motivated to Travel

    Few things motivate those with wanderlust than hearing a good story.  During my travels, a few of the adventures were worth documenting and are also adventure I highly recommend.  These are the top adventures

    If you still feel you need more info, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help you wherever I can.

    Good luck and happy travels!

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