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Digital Nomad Blog


Hey!  I’m Carlos!  Five years ago I left on a round the world backpacking trip that was supposed last 9 months, and never turned back.  Along the way I freelanced, studied, and eventually built a digital business that follows me everywhere I go, giving me the time and location freedom I’ve always wanted.  In this digital nomad blog, I share everything I’ve learned over the past five years that empowers me to earn a living on the road using the digital economy.

Welcome to the ABA Digital Nomad Blog, where you’ll discover everything there is to know about digital nomads, the digital nomad lifestyle, and how you too can become a successful digital nomad.

I’ve lived as a digital nomad in 55+ countries, met thousands of digital nomads, and taken a huge interest in the digital nomad culture, lifestyle, and possibilities – and a desire to empower other travelers and would be wanderers to make the jump into becoming digital nomads.  This has led to several initiative research projects into digital nomads, exploring what digital nomads do for a living, freelancer research projects, and an upcoming digital nomad virtual summit.

Read on to discover more about what digital nomads are, what the lifestyle is about, and how to become one.