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    Villa Balifornia is for Sale in Kedungu, Fully Furnished, with 45 year lease

    Are you looking for a long term villa in the paradise of Bali, in one of the last true, quiet, authentic Balinese villages, that delivers the beautiful vibrance of authentic Bali, but with the cool cafes, restaurants, and surf breaks that put Canggu on the map?

    Better yet are you an aspiring expat that would love to stay on Bali long term, but you’re struggling to find a villa built reliably to a Western standard, with the creature comforts that make a house a true “home?” And have you been put off by the prospects of the process of building in Bali, buying from sketchy off plan developers, and settling for “local quality” builds in the overpriced market?

    Not interested in buying Balifornia, but building your own instead? Click here to buy the full set of architectural, construction, engineering, and Bill of Quantities plans for only $99

    To put this in perspective, the full, international level standard design process for villa Balifornia took 9 months of meetings and $4000. All of the plans for you to build the same, beautiful, industrial style villa can be yours at a fraction of the price and time I paid.

    Then maybe buying my dream home, the villa I spent 2 years designing, building, fine-tuning, and falling in love with, just might be the place you’ve been looking for.

    If you have any questions about the price, design, construction of the villa, or purchase process, email me at [email protected]

    Balifornia Layout

    2 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Main House + Guest House: Separate renting, 2 rentals, or living + office

    Villa Balifornia is a 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom designed as a main house and a mezzanine loft (guest house), envisioned as two seperate living spaces, a living space and additional workplace, or two units that can be rented out separately.

    Main House Images

    Loft Guest House Images

    Industrial design meets “jungle” landscaping

    The design of the entire villa is industrial modern with a focus on spaciousness, simplicity, and function that makes a “brutalist styled” but low maintenance villa, thanks to high quality materials, industrial design, and exposed wiring and piping.

    The grounds of the villa are intentionally green and spacious, aiming for a wild “jungle feel” to pair with the rawness of the concrete and industrial design to create not only a warmer feeling home with plenty of sitting spaces, but to preserve the jungle green that is being lost in Bali. Over 20 trees have been planted on the property including fruit trees and mature coconut palms in addition to fruiting vines that will eventually cover the house.


    • 187 square meter build: 124m2 main house + 63m2 Loft Mezannine guest house
    • 530 square meters of land,
    • “Jungle style” landscaping with fruit trees, cacao trees, coconut palms, and crawling vines
    • 2x rooftops with ocean view, mountain view, and 360 degree views
    • Fully permitted build: IMB,
    • 22 year lease with prenegotiated extension for 25 years available below market value.

    Price: 4.5 Bill IDR –> $285,000 USD

    Initial 22 year lease is for sale for 4.5 Billion IDR (roughly $285,000 USD)

    Extension of an additional 25 years (to 47 years) is available for 6,000,000 IDR (~$400) per are per year. This extension can be made at the time of purchase if made by the end of 2024, or can be conducted at a later date with the owner, however the extension price will increase yearly. There will be no additional fee on my side, simply the prenegotiated cost of the land, which is currently 55% below market prices.

    Rebuild costs

    Understanding market value in Bali is quite difficult, given the “fly by night” developers, frequent ads, and misleading marketing. So, here is the honest, transparent costing for rebuilding Villa Balifornia right now.

    • Price per square meter (m2) rebuild costs = 10,000,000 IDR per m2 = 1,877 mil IDR
    • Land value = 13jt/are/per year x 25 year lease = 1,722 mil IDR
    • Boundary wall construction (150), 1.5meter dirt fill over 530m2 (100), landscaping (50)= 300 mil IDR
    • Permitting = 50 mil IDR
    • Furnishing and appliances = 250 mil IDR

    Total Cost = 4,154.5 mil IDR

    +10% Developer and Project Management Costs = 4569.95 mil IDR


    If you have any questions about the price, design, construction of the villa, or purchase process, feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Why am I selling my dream home?

    In short, it’s time to move on. After spending 5 years on tiny Bali through the pandemic and the recent development and tourism boom, I’ve finally surfed to my heart’s contentment, and its time to return to traveling in the part of the world I love most – South America. If Bali was closer to my dream home country, I would keep Balifornia indefinitely. However, it’s time to travel, and I still have the architectural plans, so, in the future Villa Balifornia may have a sister villa in South America or Portugal somewhere.

    For now, the garden, terraces, and well thought out quiet spaces of the villa deserve an owner that wishes to make Bali home.

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