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A Little Guide to a Happy Life, Written By You

 Author: Carlos Grider  Pages: 47  Buy Paperback or Kindle eBook

This book, A Little Guide to a Happy Life, Written by You, guides you through a 5 step exercise in envisioning your ideal life and create a plan, complete with tiny, achievable steps, to make that “ideal life” a reality.

From understanding what you want in life, to uncovering and defining your purpose in life, to finally creating a plan for how to change your life into the ideal life you have been dreaming of, this book uses a step by step process to help you guide you to the life you want, built around the things that drive you, motivate you and leave you feeling fulfilled day in and day out.

If you’re craving something more in life and just need a little clarity and a road map to get there, this book is perfect for you – A Little Guide to a Happy Life, Written by You.

The exercise in this book is a process I’ve done twice a year for the last 15 years, and is the key I credit for the capitalized opportunities, success, and ultimately achieving my version of an ideal life.  The underlying guide that you will write in the process of this exercise, equipped with instructions and small steps for achieving your goals, advice for times to come, and supportive words (all written by you) have been my secret weapon for getting through anything and blasting through any obstacle standing between me and the life I wanted.

You truly understand you more than anyone else on this planet.  You know your experiences, your weakness, your strengths, your goals, and your needs better than anyone else on this planet.  Who else is better equipped to write the road map to your ideal life than you?

Download this book today and get started designing, and realizing, your ideal life, now.

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