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Life Design Workbook | For A Little Guide to A Happy Life, Written by You

 Author: Carlos Grider  Buy Paperback or Kindle eBook

Click here to download the free eBook copy in PDF

The book guides the reader through an exercise I’ve done every 6 months for the past 15 years, that forces a look at what your ideal life would be and how to get there through the following 5 steps.

1. Eliciting conscious and unconscious needs, desires, and values)

2. Checking that you’re investing in a balanced way across life – Personal, Emotional, Physical, Social & Relationship, Material Possessions, and Location

3. Comparing where your effort is going in life currently to where it would need to go to build your perfect life and not to unconsciously wasted areas

4. Making a list of actionable steps to slowly sculpt your current life into an ideal one

5. Boiling your chosen steps down into tasks/steps, advice to yourself, and a plan that goes into a permanent journal.

At the end of this process, I promise you’ll have more clarity on your life than ever before.