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    The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging in 2022: A step by step guide for making money blogging | SEO | Writing | Monetization | Tools & Resources

     Author: Carlos Grider  ISBN: 979-8403855815  Pages: 448

    The Ultimate Beginner’s Book on Blogging in 2022 is a complete manual for starting a money making, profit generating blog that will enable you to make a semi-passive income from anywhere in the world.

    This book is the product of four years of experience as a professional blogger, writing on my own primary site for a 100,000 readers per month and receiving a semi-passive income twice that of the average American for 2 to 3 hours of work per day, and this is in addition to the handful of other blogs I’ve built as semi-passive income-generating engines and helped other bloggers build from scratch,

    The content of this book comes from four years of trial and error and taking notes on the best practices within blogging to strategically write evergreen content that generates traffic from Google and is monetized in a diversified way with premium programmatic ads, affiliate marketing partnerships, and the development of your own products and services.

    In this book you will learn how to start a blog on WordPress from scratch, how to build the site without a designer or developer, how to write content that Google loves, and how to perform basic and advance Search Engine Optimization on your articles and site to passively draw even more traffic from Google

    We’ll additionally cover how to draw readers to your site via Google, forums, Reddit marketing, and “borrowing Facebook groups, how to monetize that audience in an honest with different advertising platforms as your site grows, how to monetize from day 1 via affiliate marketing, and how to develop custom products for your audience as your audience grows.

    This book is a no non-sense culmination of how I built my first site to a 100,000 reader per month audience and monetized to create a location independent semi-passive income for myself.

    Just like every other book on Amazon, this book does not contain any secrets or magic bullets to succeed in blogging – because there are no magic bullets in blogging. To succeed there are simply best practices, of which you need to choose which work for you, the requirement to apply a diligent, consistent process, which I will share in this book, and the patience to continue – ideally driven by your passion.

    If you have an area of expertise or passion that you believe you can write 100 pieces of good content on, I highly recommend this book and the business of blogging for you.


    Chapter 1: An Introduction: My Experience with Blogging Over Four Years
    Chapter 2: How Blogs Work: The Business Model of Blogging
    Chapter 3: The 20 Best Blogging Tips Upfront
    Chapter 4: About This Blogging Manual
    – What You Can Achieve Through Blogging and What You Should Expect from Each Area
    Chapter 5: The Blogging Process
    Chapter 6: Understanding Blogging
    – Understanding & Assessing the Opportunity of Blogging From Day 1 and How It Fits You
    – The Phases of Blogging
    – The Milestones to Aim for In Blogging
    Chapter 7: Blog Startup Steps
    – Choosing Your Blogging Niche
    – Define Your “Why”, Brand, Mission, and How You’ll Execute
    – Build Your Blog on a WordPress Site
    – SEO Fundamentals: The Essentials for Blog Startup
    – Technical SEO For Beginners: Optimizing Your Site for Speed, Search Indexing, and User Experience
    – SEO Keyword Research Process
    – On-Page SEO and SEO Writing
    – Writing Good Content
    – Monetizing Content
    – Blog Monetization: Planning How Your Blog Will Make Money
    – Marketing Your Blog: How to Build an Audience and Get Readers On Your Site
    Chapter 8: Other Essential Blogging Concepts and Lessons for Beginner Bloggers

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      Carlos is a nomad, slow traveler, and writer dedicated to helping others live abroad and travel better by using his 7+ years of experience living abroad and background as a management consultant and financial advisor to help other nomad and expats plot better paths for an international lifestyle. Click here to learn more about Carlos's story.