15 Best Coworking Spaces Chiang Mai Has to Offer + My Favorite Coffee Shops

For digital nomads genuinely on their hustle to build something great and achieve goals, where you work and the neighborhood that “feeds your hustle” play heavily into how much you accomplish during your work sprints.  It’s impossible to underestimate how much a coworking space with a great ambiance, great food nearby, and plenty of amenities … Read more

SafetyWing Travel Insurance Review: Great Coverage for ~$1 A Day

I live for adventure and travel.  Along the way I hope for the best, and plenty of luck, but let’s be honest – accidents happen.  The best I can do is be prepared so that when something finally does go wrong, handling it is as quick and easy as possible.  Maintaining travel insurance, with emergency … Read more

The Best Coworking Spaces – Bali

Welcome to A Brother Abroad’s Guide to Coworking Spaces – Bali |With mountains and beaches, surfing and sun, adventures, yoga, and so much more at a very cheap cost of living, Bali, the “Island of the Gods” is a paradise.  All of the creature comforts at a great price to make Bali a great stop … Read more

The 7 Best Coworking Spaces Canggu Has to Offer


Bali is a paradise and very popular with remote workers and digital nomads, and Canggu is a perfect place to make a temporary hub for nomads and remote workers.  With all of its Coworking spaces, Canggu offers something to fit everyone’s working atmosphere tastes, budget, and after work activities.  Unfortunately, understanding the options and Canggu … Read more

The 7 Best Ubud Coworking Spaces to Work, Live, and Give

Ubud Coworking Spaces (02) - Outpost Ubud

For many people in Bali, whether they’re vacationers passing through that need to get some quick work done, business types on a two week trip through Asia (with a weekend to spare) or nomads making a living the digital universe, work needs to happen at some point.  When the time comes, one of the many … Read more

Book Summary: Outliers

“Extraordinary achievement is less about talent and more about opportunity” In the book “Outliers” Malcolm Gladwell examines the stories and statistics behind performance outliers, statistical outliers, and mega success stories to prove that success takes more than just natural talent, and in many cases natural talent is not a prerequisite to success.  On the contrary, … Read more

Drive Test Pt 2: Rank your passions and drivers to understand your best life


In Part 2 of the Drive Test, we’ll rank your list of passions and drivers created in Part 1 of the Drive Test.  We’ll also review a few additional questions around your passions and what your “ideal life” looks like (who are you with, what are you doing, where does it take place, and why … Read more

Drive Test Pt 1: Designing Your Life by Defining What Drives You

Start your Drive Test at www.ABrotherAbroad.com/Lifestyle-Design/Drive-Test

In part 1 of the Drive Test and designing your life, our goal is to create a list of statements covering every area of that describe what relationships, activities, places, and other things you are passionate about, motivate you, and leave you feeling fulfilled when invest in them By clearly understanding what drives you in … Read more