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    The 21 Best Digital Nomad Communities Around the World, Online, and Offline, plus 50 more…

    Living the digital nomad life can be a dream come true as we explore foreign places, soak up foreign cultures, and embrace new experiences. The only possibility to make such a great experience even better is sharing that journey with a supportive community of people like you. For this reason, knowing the best digital nomad communities online and offline around the world is one of the best ways to enhance your travels.

    Whether you’re preparing for the journey as a new nomad and want to connect with like minds as you get started, or you’re already on the road and hoping for great recommendations, support, and friendship, with over 787 million digital nomads on the road around the world, there’s no reason to be without good company when wandering.

    In this guide to finding the right digital nomad community for your travels, you will learn about the best options you need to know for connecting with travelers and nomads like yourself who are going where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’ll be. From online groups that are great to connect with virtually while getting started, to the best nomad neighborhoods around the globe, to amazing projects around the world to create nomad villages, you’ll discover the best places to connect with other nomads.

    We’ll end with a review of great tips and hacks for quickly tapping into the clusters of nomads wherever you’re at.

    Read on to discover the best ways to find other digital nomads around the world.

    The Best Digital Nomad Communities to Start Connecting and Learning

    The bottom line up front

    1. Reddit Digital Nomad Group: r/DigitalNomad (Online)
    2. The “Digital Nomads Around the World” Facebook Group (Online)
    3. Nomad List global meetups (Online)
    4. Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Community (FB Group) and its natural hive for nomads (In Person)
    5. Pererenan, Bali, starting with the many coworking spaces and events (In Person)
    6. Buenos Aires, Argentina, specifically the Palermo neighborhood, and searching for events on (In Person)
    7. Madeira, Portugal and the Madeira Nomad Village


    Complete Guide to the Best Digital Nomad Communities, Online and Offline

    What is a digital nomad, and why is community important for a healthy digital lifestyle?

    A digital nomad is anyone who uses their ability to work from anywhere to live a location-independent lifestyle and routinely moves from city to city around the world.

    Living in each city anywhere from 3 to 9 months on average and traveling in between, modern nomads cultivate a day-to-day life that allows them to check off bucket list travel experiences, leverage geoarbitrage to buy a higher quality of life for less money, and live in the places that deliver what they want from life as individuals.

    Ultimately, the digital nomad lifestyle allows travel at a slower pace than normal and tuned to experiencing life as you choose to experience it.

    By combining the demands of life (work, self-care, long-term planning) with the opportunity to move to and live anywhere, nomads achieve a goal of traveling indefinitely at a pace that suits their tastes and needs and is sustainable long term while optimizing their quality of life.

    However, if the lifestyle of a digital nomad is so fulfilling, what value comes from connecting with communities?

    The answer – joining healthy digital nomad communities brings a social network and support group of like-minded remote workers and travelers that is proven to boost happiness, foster good mental and emotional health, and just generally add more fun to the journey.

    Why should you seek out digital nomad communities?

    According to a recent study, the biggest struggles in being a digital nomad are coping with loneliness, living day to day without a support network, and settling into new homes frequently resulting in traveler fatigue and, at worst, mental health issues. Finding the right digital nomad communities helps solve these problems.

    Wandering the globe, arriving in a new “home” every 3 to 9 months, with new people, new cultures, and even a new language can generally be exciting and fulfilling, but can also be fatiguing mentally and emotionally over time. Because most digital nomads start as solo travelers, most of us travel through this unfamiliar territory (figuratively and literally) without the support network of family, friends, and coworkers that we took for granted back home.

    The unfortunate result is at best fatigue from relearning the simple things in every new location, such as where a good grocery store, gym, or hospital is in a new city.

    At worst, when experiencing the world solo and riding through the unavoidable low points of traveling long-term, loneliness can set in and take its toll.

    In a recent study into digital nomads around the world, loneliness was the 1 reason why many digital nomads stopped traveling and returned to their home countries. For those nomads still on the road, loneliness was still one of the top negatives of being a digital nomad.

    Luckily as digital nomads, even when we are solo, we’re never alone, and we can join digital nomad communities anywhere to create a pleasant, empowering, empathetic support network wherever we are. With the digital nomad movement in full swing and over 35 million remote working travelers wandering the world there are plenty of other like-minded fellow nomads in our global community who would love to share how to settle into a new city quickly, productively commiserate about the beautiful struggle of travel, and connect to share in and amplify the many good times. All we have to do is find those fellow nomads, and that is why you should start perusing the digital nomad communities around the world, online and offline, to see which suits you.

    The best reasons to start tapping into nomad communities online and offline

    • Friendship and fun through social events and interaction with others in the digital nomad lifestyle
    • Support through the common hurdles many nomads experience from friends who understand
    • Shared knowledge of travel, nomading, and the nuances of remote work, freelance work, and solopreneurship
    • Advice and tips for navigating new cities and countries, unfamiliar situations, and nomad life in general
    • Networking with other remote workers and nomads to support each other professionally
    • Connecting with other digital nomads with similar personal interests and demographics
    • Cultural exchange
    • Skill sharing – every successful DN has a monetizable skill that they can likely teach you to enhance the business and work side of being a digital nomad

    How to find the right digital nomad community for you

    When it comes to socializing, everyone has different needs and you should aim to join digital nomad communities that satisfy your specific social needs.

    To find the right digital nomad communities for you, I recommend these tips:

    • Join a few online digital nomad communities in which you enjoy engaging and connecting and it happens in a healthy way (Recommended online communities)
    • Once every few months, travel to an actual digital nomad city, hub or village, and spend at least a month there to decompress and connect with like minds. (Recommended nomad cities and hubs)
    • Seek out offline events weekly or monthly, especially in nomad hubs to spark friendships and tap into communities. These can be found on coworking space event boards,, or any other event source (Recommended small events)
    • If you need a big, potent burst of connection, schedule a stay at a co-living space, travel in a curated nomad travel group, or consider a nomad cruise (Recommended curated DN travel experiences)
    • Whenever you meet a nomad you connect with, exchange Whatsapp contacts or social media contacts and stay in touch

    The Complete Guide to Digital Nomad Communities, Online and Offline

    Now that you know why community can be a worthwhile portion of your travel plan and generally how to connect, let’s review all of the options and give some specific recommendations

    Virtual Nomad Communities: A great place to connect before traveling, and when you’re on your own exploring

    Online and virtual digital nomad communities, such as Facebook groups, Reddit subs, forums, Whatsapp chat groups, and Zoom meetups have grown exponentially as places where nomads meet, discuss, and connect despite being scattered around the world. For the aspiring nomad that is still in their home country, and for the nomad that moves quickly or spends time in remote locations with few nomads, joining and engaging with online nomad groups should be one of your first steps to joining the nomad community.

    The biggest benefits of online digital nomad communities:

    1. You can stay connected anytime, anywhere
    2. You can connect before your travels start
    3. You can connect with millions of nomads for a wider variety of nomads with a wider set of experiences tap into years of knowledge
    4. You can connect with a niche group of nomads, like female digital nomads, senior digital nomads, and black digital nomads in a way you may not easily find offline
    5. You can quickly get answers and proven solutions to common problems

    The downside of online community is that the connections with nomads can be thin or superficial, as expected in large groups online that connect primarily on “posts” regarding a single question or topic and one one-on-one interaction can be sparse. However you can make up for this by directly messaging users you see online often and seem to share common ideas, values, and aspirations with.

    Additionally, beware that some of these Reddit and Facebook groups can seem off-putting due to “toxic” chatter on some topics – like “best of” lists and influencers touting the lifestyle, and anything that sounds like a sales pitch or self-promotion. However, don’t let this discourage you from using online communities as the great tool they are to genuinely connect with people like you who just so happen to be on the other side of the world.

    Tips for connecting in online DN Communities: Stay positive, stay genuine, and reach out to other users.

    If you stay positive these are some of the best places for information on destinations, visas, the lifestyle, and navigating the struggle. Also, add depth to how you connect within these communities by directly messaging people that you see repeatedly sharing thoughts that resonate with you.

    The best online digital nomad communities

    If you’re aiming to connect with other digital nomads before you travel, or while you’re far away from “in-person communities,” these online communications are your best option.

    Reddit r/DigitalNomad: The most informative online DN community

    Reddit’s r/DigitalNomad subreddit is one of the oldest and most active online digital nomad communities. Though you might not find or connect with any close friends here, this sub is a wealth of information (just use the search function) and a great place to ask questions and discuss the nuances, hurdles, and joys of the nomad lifestyle.

    To get the most out of the Reddit DN community, stay far away from selling anything or self-promotion, use the search function before asking questions, and just be your honest self. Also, the occasional jerk may drop a snide comment, so just let those roll-off, and enjoy interacting with the rest of the community

    Site: Reddit’s Digital Nomad Community

    Best for Travel planning, visa issues, discussing the ups and downs of the digital nomad lifestyle

    Facebook Digital Nomad Groups: The friendliest online digital nomad communities

    Facebook is home to countless groups for digital nomads, but a few stand out as consistently great resources and communities without the spam.

    Digital Nomads Around the World (Facebook Group)

    This 175,000+ nomad strong Facebook group is a great resource for travel and visa information, asking what virtually any destination is like for digital nomads at the moment, and just having good, friendly chat about things DNs think about. Additionally, the group has separate chats for virtually every city that is high-traffic for DNs.

    Digital Nomads Hub (Facebook Group)

    Second up for the best Facebook groups for digital nomads is the Digital Nomads Hub. This well-moderated and friendly group is a wealth of information and a constant source of (positive) opinion and chatter. Join this group, search previous posts, and ask your questions as you plan for and live out your nomad adventure.

    Digital Nomads Girls (Facebook Group)

    The Digital Nomad Girls Facebook group is a great example of how you can find a community of overlapping demographics to connect with people even more like you than the average nomad.

    Women who travel have a whole different set of worries and aspirations that they take with them on their adventures, compared to men. The very same is true with female remote workers and nomads, and this group is a safe space for the roaming ladies to share and discuss their thoughts without the distractive chatter of the men.

    Various Regional Facebook Groups for DNs: Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Bali, Buenos Aires, etc.

    Before you travel to any place as a digital nomad, the best resource for information will be the nomads that are currently in the place at this very moment and local digital nomad Facebook groups are the best way to connect with nomads in your next city right now.

    The kicker with this online group is not only do you get the online community, but many DN’s post events, meetups, and activities that take the community from cyberspace into the real world.

    To find a group for your next adventure, simply hop on Facebook and search “Digital Nomads [your next city],” and the most active communities recently will pop up.

    Some of the most useful groups lately have been:

    Other Solid Digital Nomad Communities on Facebook

    Whatsapp groups and Slack

    At times, the aggressive chatter on large networks, like Reddit and large Facebook groups, can be too much, but you still need community.

    Some of the best options for tailored community among nomads will be on Whatsapp group chats and Slack channels. These virtual communities differ from the large ones in that they are better moderated (fewer toxic comments and a bit friendlier) and tend to focus on a smaller niche or demographic, such as female nomads in Thailand, Black nomads in Bali, or LGBT nomads around the world. Another upside is quick answers to the problems you are bound to hit, and a friendly source to stay up to date on news.

    To find the appropriate Whatsapp Groups and Slack Channels, simply pop into a relevant Facebook group or group chat and ask for invites to Whatsapp groups or Slack channels on your chosen topic.

    Offline nomad hubs: Digital nomad cities, coworking spaces, and events

    Perfect digital nomad communities for connecting in person

    My personal favorite digital nomad communities are the cities and coworking spaces around the globe that naturally exist as homes for digital nomads and encourage organically connecting with other digital nomads.

    The best cities around the world for digital nomads, like Chiang Mai, Buenos Aires, and Canggu are filled with affordable coworking spaces that host a plethora of mixers and events, plenty of cafes friendly to nomads and that allow for casual interaction with people like you, have plenty of social events that make it easy to mix and meet, and offer coliving and nomad living options that offer just enough comfort and privacy while allowing you to naturally brush shoulders with potential friends.

    Nomad Cities: This handful of cities that foster the nomad lifestyle, attract nomads, and make it easy to meet and connect with other nomads

    Based on responses from hundreds of nomads and personal experiences, the digital nomad cities for communities are:

    Latin America Digital Nomad Hubs

    Buenos Aires, Argentina (Palermo neighborhood)

    Tulum, Mexico

    Medellin, Colombia

    Southeast Asia Digital Nomad Hubs


    • Chiang Mai (Nimmanheim neighborhood)
    • Bangkok
    • Koh Phangan Island (between full moon parties)
    • Koh Tao island
    • Hua Hin


    • Canggu & Pererenan, Bali
    • Uluwatu, Bali


    • Da Nang, Vietnam
    • Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Hoi An, Vietnam

    Europe Digital Nomad Hubs

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Madeira, Portugal

    Barcelona, Spain

    Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

    Bansko, Bulgaria

    • The winter destination for nomads

    Budapest, Hungary

    • The majestic “Paris of the East,” one of the cheapest places in the EU at ~$2,200 per month, and an eastern European hub for nomads

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    • Home of a visa-free, year-long stay with no tax liability

    Africa Digital Nomad Hubs

    Cabo Verde

    For a full list of cities around the world great for digital nomads looking for community, read our article on the best cities for digital nomads

    Digital Nomad Village Projects

    While some cities and neighborhoods have naturally evolved to be perfect temporary homes for nomads and encourage community, other cities’ governments and local communities have fully committed to building “digital nomad villages.”

    Digital nomad villages are essentially neighborhood-wide or citywide projects, coordinated with or by the local governments to create infrastructure around nomads, such as cafes, coworking spaces, coliving spaces, and even events coordinated throughout a neighborhood or an entire city to help nomads live, work, and connect better.

    Why would you want to aim for a nomad village?

    By traveling directly to one of the new “nomad villages” with rich infrastructure and plenty of people like you, you’re likely to hit peak productivity in a very pleasant place to live, and the high number of nomads means you’ll make plenty of friends quickly.

    Because these nomad villages are larger, catered, and more well equipped for traveling remote workers than your average city, you will want to and be able to stay longer before getting bored – along the way connecting more deeply with your nomad neighbors, potentially building a network of nomad friends that you will stay in touch with for years and hopefully meet again on the other side of the world.

    Nomad Villages around the World:

    Madeira, Portugal, and the Madeira Digital Nomad Village Project

    Startup Madeira and the Regional Government of Madeira have established the Digital Nomads Madeira island nomad village project. Learn more about their project here

    Cabo Verde: Work Remote in Paradise project

    Following the success blueprint from Madeira, the Cabo Verde nomad community paired with the Cabo Verde Tourism department to create a nomad visa, cooperation in the local community, and cooperation in the nomad community to take steps towards a “nomad village” in Cabo Verde. Learn more here

    Gran Canaria: Nomad City

    A combination of an annual festival and an enduring project to build a community, network, and city of nomads cooperating and living with the local community in Gran Canaria. Learn more here

    Emerging Nomad Villages

    Bankso, Bulgaria: A winter haven for snow-loving nomads

    Though Bansko has not officially declared itself a “nomad village,” for years this mountain ski town has taken steps toward making the city a winter retreat for nomads. Famous for some of the most affordable, yet good skiing and snowboarding, Bansko also hosts an annual nomad conference and has several co-living and co-working spaces opening throughout the town

    Trento (Italian Alps) – Trento Remote

    Though the project is still in its infancy, the city of Trento is labeling itself the “most livable city in Italy,” and aiming to build infrastructure to attract, accommodate, and foster nomad communities.

    Learn more here at the official Trento Remote site.

    Pro tip: Stay in each city 1 month for a taste, stay 3 months to connect, and return to feel at home

    When we first start traveling the world as nomads, almost everyone travels at a very fast pace spending 1 month or less in each city. This is completely understandable as life is skewing more towards travel than work as we enjoy the sweetness of our new lives.

    However, spending 1 month in a place you will barely scratch the surface of the local culture and connect with the nomad community.

    If you are at a point in your nomad journey wherein you feel you want a bit more connection, friendship, and support, pick one of the notorious nomad cities or hubs and plan a 3-month stay. These 3 months will allow you to meet plenty of other nomads and connect more deeply, as well as get to know the locals and the “long-stay foreigners”.

    Once you’ve spent enough time in a place to know you connect with it, then feel free to return. Each time you return to a place, you won’t be starting new. Instead, you’ll be growing deeper and deeper into the local and nomad community, and that place will be one of your many homes.

    For me, Chiang Mai, Buenos Aires, and my secret spot in Bali have become my homes around the world, and the bases of my offline digital nomad community. Though I love connecting online in groups and visiting new places, the satisfaction and support I get from my Chiang Mai, Buenos Aires, and Bali communities is unmatched.

    So, I highly recommend choosing offline locations and nomad community hubs that resonate with you, and invest in the relationships by returning every so often.

    Coworking spaces: True nomad communities, from the ground up

    No matter where you are in the world, if you are in a place that tends to have many nomad visitors, the quickest way to connect is by visiting a coworking space. I’ve found this to be true even more so in nomad hubs like Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Canggu, Bali.

    Good coworking spaces in nomad hotspots – like Portugal, Croatia, Colombia, and more – are useful because they are filters for people who work online and travel. People like you! By simply working in the coworking space you’ll naturally brush shoulders with people that are part of your community.

    Beyond daily work, coworking spaces frequently hold monthly or weekly member events, happy hours, and BBQs that help you connect more deeply in as little time as possible.

    To see if a potential city offers coworking spaces as a good opportunity to connect simply go to Google Maps and search “Coworking Spaces in [your next city]” like here for Chiang Mai. The more coworking spaces a city has, the more opportunities to get into the community you can count on. If a city has very few coworking spaces, odds are you’ll be focusing on working more than connecting so plan accordingly, so consider planning a nomad hub city as a next destination to get in some social interaction.

    Pro Tip: To connect with other nomads in coworking spaces, go to the same coworking space for at least 1 week, smile, and don’t be pushy. The friends will come to you

    In coworking spaces around the world, if you want to connect then don’t push the interaction. I recommend signing up for at least a week and just mingling as feels natural. The coworking crowd has a combination of focused workers who don’t want to be bothered, and others who are primarily there to meet people and make friends.  

    Smiling, being polite, and being open to the opportunity to chat when naturally arises are the best approaches to getting into the nomad community through coworking spaces. Additionally, check the billboard for events once you arrive, or ask the staff about member events that are specifically for connecting members who want to be social.

    Hosted and Curated Remote Work and Coliving Experiences offer small, tight communities, shared experience, and connection

    If you would prefer to have more connection with a smaller group of people over a longer time, then a “curated remote work” experience and the community that comes with it may be just what you’re looking for.

    Curated remote work experiences involve you joining a group of other digital nomads and living in a very well equipped coliving situation, with coworking of course, for anywhere from one month in a single spot to an entire year together, moving to a new location once or twice per month.

    For these experiences, the tight-knit community that forms is more akin to the group of friends that tend to coalesce when backpacking across Southeast Asia or South America. However, the living situation and accommodations are usually far better than hostels, and not worrying about the logistics (travel, hotel, or hostel bookings) allows you to focus more on work, play, and connect.

    For those seeking a hosted or curated work and travel experience with a community, the best options are:

    Global Coliving Networks: Reduce logistical headaches and tap into community

    For those who want a blend between the curated remote work experience and choosing the destinations on their own, tapping into a global network of co-living spaces may be for you. The beauty of these networks is that you know what standard of living you have, you know that it will focus on building community via co-living and co-working, and you don’t have to give up control of your itinerary.

    Best Global and Regional Co-Living Networks:

    Nomad Events in Person: Great places for bursts of community

    Attending digital nomad events that can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days is the perfect way to generally connect with other digital nomads and potential friends and a great way to get to know a new region of the world as well.

    These are some of the best options for discovering nomad events, and the kinds of events we recommend:

    Small Scale Offline Nomad Events for connecting with your “local” DN community

    If you’re hoping to connect with nomads in your local community, in say Bangkok, Medellin, or Malaga, for just a night, or perhaps attending a weekly or monthly happy hour, coffee meetup, or trivia night, the following are the best places to find these.

    Note that these “small-scale” events are great because many have been going for months or years. This makes these events excellent “grounding” opportunities as you return to a nomad home you’ve been to before and want to plug back into the community.

    Search for events for events in the Americas

    In North America and South America, is the way to go to find enduring nomad communities. In my time in Austin, Texas, and Buenos Aires, has always been a quick and easy starting point for meeting other nomads

    Nomad List: Great for meetups around the globe

    Nomad List, the new kid on the block, has made a recent push to have its community host nomad events around the world, focusing on drawing together nomads in the popular neighborhoods of the primary nomad hotspots. If you have an account for Nomad List, be sure to hop on their forums and see what events are coming up.

    Search Facebook events for other options globally

    No matter where you are in the world, just like digital nomads, Facebook is there. Luckily for us, we can search events on Facebook by searching a location + “nomads” and events for all of the groups in the area will pop up

    Check the calendar of the coworking space near you

    Last but not least, to find local digital nomad community events, just contact the coworking spaces near you. Even if you’re not a member, many coworking spaces will allow you to join their community events for a small fee.

    Large Scale offline nomad events (conferences, cruises, and events): Perfect for combining vacation and socializing with other nomads

    Sometimes when we are looking for community we want a potent burst of connection with other nomads, in person, with the possibility of a fun, recharging experience and the potential for connections we make will be lifelong. Large-scale nomad events are perfect for this.

    Large-scale events, like conferences, cruises, conventions, and plenty of other multi-day options are generally one-off events hosted by a tourism board, local digital nomad cooperation, or a co-working/co-living, tour brand. The best way to find large-scale nomad events is to search the year you plan to go, the type of event, and possibly the location to find something that fits your needs. For instance “Digital Nomad Croatia conference 2025.”

    Some of the most popular “burst” nomad events are:

    • Nomad cruises: These “Skill sharing digital nomad conferences at sea” happen regularly, come with the pleasures of a normal cruise, and offset the cost of a flight and accommodation between destinations
    • Nomad conferences: Commonly hosted by cooperation between local digital nomad communities (like Digital Nomads Chiang Mai), conferences have happened in countries like Thailand, Portugal, Croatia, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Argentina, and many more

    A note to nomad conferences, villages, and projects: Contact me to be listed here (for free)

    This guide aims to be a free resource that connects digital nomads with the pure pleasure of building community. If you have a conference, co-living project, or innovative approach to building a digital nomad contact me to have it listed here for free, to connect more nomads and grow our global community.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Nomad Communities

    What are digital nomad communities?

    Digital nomad communities are any online group, event, or project that aims to connect digital nomads and traveling remote workers to support each other and build connections.

    Why is it valuable to engage in a good digital nomad community?

    Loneliness was cited by nomads as the 1 reason for leaving the digital nomad lifestyle and returning home. By building community online and offline throughout your travels, you can add a support network to your experience, improving your time on the road.

    How do I find digital nomad communities?

    You can find online digital nomad communities by searching Facebook groups, Reddit, and forums such as Nomad List. Offline, you can find digital nomad communities by choosing cities rich with digital nomads, by visiting coworking spaces, and by searching digital nomad events on and Facebook events.

    What is the best country to live in as a digital nomad?

    The best country to live for each digital nomad will be different for each nomad, but the best countries balance low cost of living, good quality of life, good infrastructure to support working remote, and a healthy community of digital nomads. Currently, Portugal, Thailand, and Argentina are among the best countries for digital nomads.

    What is the cheapest country to live as a digital nomad?

    At current, the cheapest country in South America for digital nomads is Argentina, the cheapest country in Southeast Asia for digital Nomads is Vietnam.

    Learn more by discovering the cheapest countries for nomads in our cost of living study.

    Where is the biggest digital nomad community?

    Accurate statistics for digital nomads by country is not available yet, but Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, and Portugal show signs of the most digital nomad activity.

    Learn more about where digital nomads live in our global digital nomad study

    Is it hard to find a digital nomad community?

    No, if you know where to look, it is not hard to find digital nomad communities. Visit the top cities for digital nomads, such as Chiang Mai or Madeira, and start at the coworking spaces. Online, start by searching Facebook and Reddit.

    What are the benefits of joining a digital nomad community?

    Joining an active digital nomad community gives you a support network during the difficulties that come during travel, and a resources of thousands of people with experiences to commiserate with, connect with, and solve the common troubles that come as a nomad.

    Are there any downsides to being a digital nomad?

    Loneliness was listed as the 1 problem amongst digital nomads in a recent study. Additionally, traveler fatigue, visa troubles, dealing with international taxes, and maintaining employment and client work were listed as problems experienced by many nomads.

    Learn more about the struggles digital nomads commonly face.

    What are the best options for digital nomad jobs?

    Most successful digital nomads work in the fields of digital marketing or remote friendly IT work, however there are countless other jobs that those with managerial level expertise can leverage as “remote work” on an employment or solopreneur basis.

    Learn more in our article 51 Proven Digital Nomad Jobs

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