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75 Strong Challenge Daily Journal and Checklist: A daily journal, checklist, and guide for practicing thankfulness and self appreciation

 Author: Carlos Grider  ISBN: 979-8404342383  Pages: 306  Buy Paperback or Kindle eBook

This 306 page combination checklist and journal is designed to accompany the 75 Strong challenge and other 75 day challenges. This checklist and journal is designed to be motivational, as a record of your progress, and a record of the insights and lessons you will uncover in the 75 challenge of building empowering habits and a stronger you.

Click here to get a free copy of the 75 Strong Daily Journal with your copy of the book 75 Strong or click here to order the paperback version of the daily journal

For 75 days, this checklist and journal provides 1 page for journaling, 1 page for practicing thankfulness, 1 page for practicing self-appreciation, and 1 page as a checklist for the 10 daily tasks that make up the 75 Strong challenge.

The 10 daily tasks you’ll complete for 75 days are as follows.

1. Be Thankful: List 20 things you’re thankful for, written or aloud
2. Self-Appreciation: List 20 things you appreciate about yourself, written or aloud
3. Be Still: Sit in silence and stillness for 15 minutes
4. Move by working out for two days, then taking one day to recover and stretch, then repeat
5. Eat Healthy

  • “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar”
  • No processed sugar, minimal refined carbs, low starch
  • Consider intermittent fasting by eating within an 8 to 12 hour window daily (talk to your physician before taking on this task)

6. Skip alcohol
7. Read a book 
for 15 minutes fiction or non-fiction, audiobooks are allowed
8. Learn a new concept or skill for 15 minutes
9. Express a passion for 15 minutes
10. Record the process daily in a checklist and journal your thoughts and realizations