The Quick and Easy Freediving Manual: Breath Holding Techniques, Safety, and More

Experiences make travel the extraordinary journey it is, and adventurous experiences add even more to that journey.  Freediving and know the essential freediving  breathing techniques and breath-holding techniques have the potential of adding a whole new layer of pleasure and adventure to your travels.  Being able to safely and efficiently move through the sea while … Read more

Freediving in Bali: The Beginning of a New Adventure

Freediving on Bali | The Adventure 8

Aaron: Hey man, I heard you’re going to Bali.  That true? Me: I was thinking about it.  What ya got? Aaron: So I was thinking about Canggu, next to a great surf beach, and then find a freediving and spearfishing course. You in?  Me: **consults bucket list, flips coin** Yup.  I’m in.  …and that’s how … Read more

5 Essentials for Experiencing the Oslob Whale Shark – Price, What to Expect, When to Go, and Where to Be

For many travelers, interacting with nature and the wild is the pinnacle of adventure experiences.  If you’re in Southeast Asia, swimming with whale must be one of those experiences.  However, such an impressive adventure is usually questioned by travelers as being possible and attainable.  “What is the Oslob whale shark price for experience? What should … Read more

19 Important Donsol Whale Shark Facts You Need to Know Before Swimming

For many travelers, experiences in nature and in the wild are the pinnacle of exploration and swimming with whale sharks, the giants of the sea, is a dream experience with a worthwhile place on their bucket list (just like on mine).  Lucky for us, Donsol whale shark interactions can easily become a reality in a … Read more

A Guide to the Coron Tours and Coron Diving Options

Coron Island. The northernmost island in the Palawan islands. Unheard of until recently and surrounded by crystal clear waters, secret lagoons, countless shipwrecks for snorkeling and diving, and white sand beaches. If you enjoy the sun and the sea while getting off the beaten track, Coron should be on your list. The perfectly curated list … Read more

A Guide to Swimming with Whale Sharks in Oslob, Cebu

Swimming with whale sharks in Oslob is one of the most sought after experiences in Cebu.  For adventurous travelers and backpackers, the former fishing village of Oslob makes it possible to swim with these giants in their natural habitat for less than $25 USD.  In this guide, you’ll learn how to get to Oslob, Cebu, … Read more