The Ozaki 8: Inspiration for True Outdoor & Adventure Travel

Ozaki 8 - Inspiration for Outdoor & Adventure Travel

In the new remake of the movie Point Break “the Ozaki 8” is a challenge posed to the adventure sports world for honor and the pursuit of adventure. The Ozaki eight extreme sports “ordeals” are intended to honor the elements and forces of nature while testing the abilities of “poly-athletes”. Ono Ozaki, the creator of … Read more

11 Awesome Benefits of Rucking

11 Awesome Rucking Benefits

Rucking, or walking with heavy weights, has become a trendy fitness practice among anyone hoping for a functional workout – and with good reason.   The benefits of rucking for exercise include strength and cardio training while being free to do, easy to start, and getting you outside along the way.  With all the hype and … Read more

The Quick and Easy Freediving Manual: Breath Holding Techniques, Safety, and More

Experiences make travel the extraordinary journey it is, and adventurous experiences add even more to that journey.  Freediving and know the essential freediving  breathing techniques and breath-holding techniques have the potential of adding a whole new layer of pleasure and adventure to your travels.  Being able to safely and efficiently move through the sea while … Read more

Freediving in Bali: The Beginning of a New Adventure

Freediving on Bali | The Adventure 8

Aaron: Hey man, I heard you’re going to Bali.  That true? Me: I was thinking about it.  What ya got? Aaron: So I was thinking about Canggu, next to a great surf beach, and then find a freediving and spearfishing course. You in?  Me: **consults bucket list, flips coin** Yup.  I’m in.  …and that’s how … Read more

Olaian 900 7′ Decathlon Surfboard Review: Insanely Fun, Perfect for Beginners, Travel, and Kooky Enjoyment

Surfing is an amazing experience.  Sitting atop a peak in the ocean as it thrusts you towards shore is an exciting yet chill rush that’s unlike many other experiences in life.  Better yet, it’s healthy, (fairly) cheap, and takes you some of the most beautiful places (and beaches) on our planet.  Thanks to the new … Read more

A Complete Midigama Surf Guide: When, Where, and How to Surf One of Sri Lanka’s Best Breaks

Scoring uncrowded surf spots on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast can be a rarity, but if you’re aware of the Midigama surf spots, its easier than you think. “Midigama is what Hikkadua was in the 70’s and now lacks”.  Plenty of breaks for all levels are always pumping, and plenty of hidden ones turn on with … Read more

An Ultimate Guide to the Sri Lanka Surf Camps, Schools, and Lessons

Learn to surf is a bucket list worthy adventure and the Sri Lanka surf camps scene offers the chance to learn to surf, for cheap, in unbelievably warm water and on fun, plentiful surf breaks. But with all of the legendary surf spots, like Hikkaduwa and Arugam Bay, and 30+ Sri great surf schools across … Read more

A Complete Hikkaduwa Surf Guide: When, Where, and How to Surf One of Sri Lanka’s Best Breaks

For surfers throughout Southeast Asia, Hikkaduwa Surf is legendary.  Countless breaks with at least a few pumping at all times of day when in season and long rides make Hikkaduwa worth traveling halfway around the world to experience.  But being half a world away, it can be a pain planning the breaks to surf, when, … Read more

A Complete Galapagos Packing List: Essential items, info, and tips

The Galapagos Islands is a bucket list destination for most adventurous travelers.  When the time finally arises to walk among animals in a place where time stands still, you want to be ready – this includes have all of the right gear for your Galapagos Packing List. Having the right gear to stay dry, warm, … Read more