The Micro Backpacking Trails

The “micro trails” allow us to squeeze backpacking style adventures, with the sights, the experiences, and the connections, into our precious two weeks a year by picking strategic destinations dense with exposure to the world, packed tightly to shorten transit times, and with the same excellent travel infrastructure. If you have limited time to travel … Read more

7 Important Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty Facts & 25 Tips for Making the Trek Easier

The Everest Base Camp Trek is arguably one of the most beautiful, rewarding multi-day treks on the planet.  Unfortunately, the austerity, remoteness, and unpredictable weather of the Himalayas makes most people question Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty and whether they can complete it.  I’ll put your worries aside now – can do it, and you … Read more

Part 6: Feeling Human: Pheriche to Gorak Shep on the Everest Base Camp Hike

Wandering with Himalayan Mustangs on the Everest Base Camp Hike from Pheriche to Dobuche

Just Starting our “Experiencing Everest Series”? Then jump to our Everest page and start from Part 1 “Why go to Everest”. A Morning in Pheriche and the shadow of the Himalays The sensation felt almost weird.  Warm air hitting my face.  A soft bed beneath me.  Waking up in the Edelweiss Lodge had not disappointed.  … Read more

Pt 5 – From Namche Bazaar to the Tengboche Monastery and Pheriche on the Everest Base Camp Hike

Pheriche - a tiny town made of stone on the Everest Base Camp hike, situated between Tengboche and Gorak Shep

The Last comforts of Namche Bazaar As the sun once again shined through the cool window of my teahouse, I looked out over the tin roofs and the cascading buildings of Namche Bazaar, and smiled.  The view was amazing to wake up to, and I actually remembered to keep my water bottle in my sleeping … Read more

Pt 4: A View of Everest and a Rest Day in Namche Bazar on the Everest Base Camp Hike

A view of the Himalayas from the Everest View Hotel

Namche Bazaar, home away from home and Sherpa metropolis on the Everest Base Camp Hike At 11,268 feet above sea level, the familiar mountain chill felt oddly refreshing as I poked my head out of the down mummy bag.  My eyes focused passed the frozen water bottle and beyond the old plywood walls of the … Read more

Pt 3: Lukla Airport to Namche Bazaar: Altitude Sickness and Beautiful Views on the Everest Base Camp Hike

Aerial Entertainment at Lukla Airport The flight into Lukla from Kathmandu was interesting and gave me a newfound respect for the pilots that fly into “the most dangerous airport in the world”, but that adventure was behind me, and Everest Base Camp was ahead of me. I bolted through the tiny airport, grabbed my trekking … Read more

The Dangers of the Everest Base Camp Trek

From sketchy suspension bridges, to dangerous airports, to altitude sickness, the Everest Base Camp has many dangers but they can all be mitigated with planning and research

The trail from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp is an indescribably beautiful path, but it is also a path paved with risks and dangers.  From flying into the “Most Dangerous Airport in the World” (Lukla Airport), to altitude sickness, to stomach bugs and infections, the trek is littered with just as many opportunities for calamity … Read more

Pt 2: “The Most Dangerous Airport in the World!” – Kathmandu to Lukla Airport on the Everest Base Camp Hike

Lukla Aiport runway is 527 meters long and ends at a cliff

Early Morning Coffee – the perfect treat before flying into the most dangerous airport in the world: Lukla Airport As I walked out of the alley from my temporary home with half of everything I owned strapped to my back, I breathed in the crisp Kathmandu, air which somehow felt cool yet filled with a … Read more

Why is the Lukla airport considered the most dangerous airport in the world?

Takeoff at Lukla Airport

Tenzing-Hilary Airport, commonly referred to as Lukla Airport, is considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world for two primary reasons: The overall design of the Lukla Airport runway including surrounding terrain features limits emergency options for pilots The history of accidents at Lukla Airport and surrounding publicity Lukla Airport’s runway design and … Read more