The Micro Backpacking Trails

The “micro trails” allow us to squeeze backpacking style adventures, with the sights, the experiences, and the connections, into our precious two weeks a year by picking strategic destinations dense with exposure to the world, packed tightly to shorten transit times, and with the same excellent travel infrastructure. If you have limited time to travel … Read more

Southeast Asia CoronaVirus Info Tracker for Travelers and Nomads (Updated Daily)

With the flurry of the Corona Virus, many travelers and nomads (including myself) are either stuck outside of our home countries or faced with the tough decision of entering a more heated crisis in our home country or enduring through an oncoming crisis in our present country. This guide will be updated daily and aims … Read more

Part 5: Drinking with locals in Vietnam (Sapa to Bac Ha)

Our time in the sleepy, touristy town of Sapa was a great rest but it had come to a close. We spent 4 days total trekking to nearby Lao Chai, attempting to climb mount Fansipan (the tallest peak in Vietnam), and trying to not to buy North Face gear that had “fallen off the back … Read more

Guide: How to Buy a Motorcycle in Vietnam

A few weeks ago I set out to purchase a cheap, reliable motorcycle in Hanoi, Vietnam that would hopefully take me through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos…and eventually on my way to Everest.  Throughout the buying process I received a ton of great advice from fellow backpackers, Vietnamese locals, nomads living long term in Hanoi, and … Read more

Part 4: Rice Paddy Treks & Cheating on Delilah – A Brother Abroad

Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam After several days of riding and one day of relaxing Mark and I thought it would be a good idea to give the bikes one more day of rest while we hiked around scenic Sapa, which meant I would be cheating on Delilah…with a nice, bamboo hiking stick. We’d heard a … Read more