The New GORUCK Cross Trainer: An amazing shoe to train, hike, and travel [Full Review]

GORUCK Cross Trainer Shoe Review

The GORUCK Cross Trainer shoe is one of the best all-around performing shoes I’ve tested, especially for adventurous travel and daily wear if you only want one pair of shoes.  The GORUCK IO Cross Trainer shoe’s military combat boot DNA delivers durability and toughness, and GORUCK’s performance focused upgrades finish the shoe with light weight … Read more

69+ Great Crossfit Hotel WODs: Gym-free workouts anywhere, anytime

Crossfit Hotel WOD

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the craziness of moving can easily disrupt anyone’s fitness routine.  Finding the time to squeeze in a good workout is hard enough, but working out in a hotel gym with little equipment can be tough…especially if there is no hotel gym! Lucky for us, the “Crossfit hotel WODs”, … Read more

7 Useful Reasons Why The Rogue Resistance Bands Are Insanely Perfect For Home And Travel Workouts

Staying fit and strong should be a priority no matter where we’re at in life.  Good fitness and the health that comes with make for practical insurance policy against sickness and injury.  Whether we’re stuck in a hotel or guest house, or limited by a home gym, we should be limited in how we train … Read more

11 Awesome Benefits of Rucking

11 Awesome Rucking Benefits

Rucking, or walking with heavy weights, has become a trendy fitness practice among anyone hoping for a functional workout – and with good reason.   The benefits of rucking for exercise include strength and cardio training while being free to do, easy to start, and getting you outside along the way.  With all the hype and … Read more

9 Best Rucking Plates, Weights, and DIY Options for Your Rucksack

The 9 Best Rucking Weights Options to Safe, Comfortable Rucking Workouts

Rucking is one of the simplest, most effective options for fitness building strength and cardio ability at the same time.  All you need is the right backpack and the right rucking weights. With all of the options – ruck plates, sandbags, and plenty of cheap DIY options – when starting out rucking, it can be … Read more

The Zeus WOD | Crossfit

Discover the Zeus WOD – A hard hitting Hero WOD that hits chest, back, legs, and glutes equally building power and endurance, this workout is a solid one to repeat often and easily adapted for no-gym situations. Read on to discover the Zeus WOD, how to do it, and how to do it without a … Read more

The 15 Best Crossfit Named WODs and Every Other Named Crossfit Workout You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a straight forward, tough, and effective workout, the Crossfit named WODs are a perfect, go-to option.  Whether you’re benchmarking your performance with the Girl WODs or aiming for something tougher with the Hero WODs, these workouts will deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Read on to discover the 15 best and … Read more

The DIY TRX and homemade Monkii Bars: The Best suspension trainer ever (I promise…)

DIY TRX and TRX Door Anchor

Suspension trainers are amazing.  When used correctly, you can get a great workout anywhere, which is perfect for fitness conscious travelers. With this DIY TRX you’ll learn how to make a suspension trainer that is just as durable and high quality as any you’ll buy, but much more compact and versatile Go anywhere, and stay … Read more