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    The 12 Best Spaces for Coworking in Palermo Buenos Aires (and Villa Crespo)

    For remote workers and digital nomads looking for a neighborhood to relax, eat, drink, and work for a stint in Argentina, Palermo is arguably the best neighborhood in Buenos Aires. With plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes, social events, and nightlife in walking distance of everywhere, pleasures come easy. But what about maintaining productivity? Don’t worry, our list of your best options for coworking Palermo Buenos Aires will ensure you get in just as much work as play.

    Coworking Palermo Buenos Aires

    Luckily, coworking in Palermo Buenos Aires is quite popular, with plenty of modern, comfortable, and well equipped spaces that you could easily work for a few hours, a few days, or a month, with the benefit of quiet and a focus encouraging environment.

    Read on to discover a full list of the best coworking spaces in Palermo and Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, with full details on price, location, amenities, and how to book a space


    Coworking Spaces in Palermo Hollywood

    Coworking Spaces in Palermo SoHo

    Coworking Spaces in Villa Crespo

    Map of the Best Coworking Spaces in Palermo, Villa Crespo, and throughout Buenos Aires

    Upfront: The Best Coworking Spaces for each worker type in Palermo & Villa Crespo

    Joy Cowork in Villa Crespo: All around best coworking space in the neighborhood

    This massive multileveled and modern coworking space mirrors something closer to what I’ve seen in commercial complexes and large companies, but the vibe (and freedom of working where you want to) make this an amazing coworking spot. Two well equipped kitchens, several lounge areas, and a terrace and a light bit of socializing to the vibe – well separated from the workspaces to avoid disrupting your flow.

    Beyond the amenities and vibe, the shared space for working is modern and well equipped. Large desks, comfy office chairs and an open setup for flex desks gives just enough of the “co” in “co working space” without disrupting your flow. For those with extra monitors, or meticulous preferences, a separate hall holds the dedicated desk options which are similarly comfy and open, but allow you to leave your workstation as is over night.

    Bottom line: In my experience wandering through coworking spaces in Buenos Aires, Joy coworking was the most modern and comfortable, and I highly recommend it

    Music Hub Coworking & Studios (Palermo Hollywood): Fantastic for podcasters, DJs, and Audio creators

    In my time traveling and exploring coworking spaces, I have never encountered a coworking space so well equipped for audio creators. Not only did this space offer the normal shared coworking space and meeting room options, but more impressively, it boasted full soundproofed studio rooms with top of the line audio equipment and sound boards for each type of audio creator. For podcasters, of course there was a room. For DJ’s, there was a room with a full setup of turntables and engineering equipment. For musicians, there was a space with recording equipment, a guitar, and other instruments.

    If you’re not an audio creator, this space might not interest you.

    However, if you are a podcaster, DJ, or musician on the road and need a space, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by skipping Music Hub

    Click here to jump to information about music hub

    An introduction to the Palermo and Villa Crespo Coworking Scene

    Fortunately for most nomads, Argentina is just popular enough on the “digital nomad scene” radar that catered services – such as co-living, luggage storage, and co-working – are becoming common, but unfortunately, not so much that you will have robust options everywhere. However, Palermo will leave you with plenty of great options.

    Be warned coming in that most nomads and remote workers that join coworking spaces throughout Buenos Aires actually aren’t from North America or Europe – they’re South Americans, and usually Argentine. Because of this, don’t expect everyone (even the staff) to speak English as they will most likely speak Spanish mostly/primarily.

    Also because of the prevalence of Spanish being spoken, and very little English generally throughout Palermo, Buenos Aires, and Argentina as a whole, know that if you are hoping for English language networking events hosted by the space, you will need to aim for a larger coworking space, that likely has more English speaking workers. However, if you want practice your Spanish by fully immersing yourself, any of the coworking spaces on this list will do!

    Bottom line: if you need to speak in English, prioritize that when you pick a coworking space. If not, you will likely be satisfied with any space on this list.

    List of the 12 Best Spaces for Coworking in Palermo, Buenos Aires

    Best Coworking Spaces in Palermo Hollywood

    Manawa Coworking Creativo (Palermo Hollywood)

    • Price:
      • Daily passes for ARS 12,000
      • Flex Plan for ARS 60,000 per month
      • Full Plan for ARS 70,000 per month
      • Private offices ranging from ARS 40,000 to ARS 300,000 per month
      • Meeting rooms available for ARS 10,000 per hour
    • Hours: 10AM to 7PM M-F, 11AM to 7PM Saturday and Sunday
    • Website:
    • Neighborhood: Located in Palermo Hollywood.
    • Address: Nicaragua 4817, CP 1414, Buenos Aires
    • Contact/WhatsApp Number: +54 911 4191 5052
    • Insta:
    • Google Maps Link:

    La Maquinita Co. Palermo Hollywoood

    • Price: **
    • Hours: 8:30AM to 8:30PM Monday through Friday, closed Saturdays and Sundays
    • Website:
    • Neighborhood: Palermo Hollywood
    • Address: El Salvador 5707, C1414BQG DF, Argentina
    • Contact/WhatsApp Number: +541152639138
    • Google Maps Link:
    • Other locations: Palermo Soho**, Palermo Hollywood**, Villa Crespo**, Micro Centro**, Zona Norte** neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, and an additional space in the city of Rosario

    Music Hub Coworking & Studios (Palermo Hollywood)

    • Price: **
    • Hours: 9AM to 9PM Monday to Friday, 11AM to 5PM Saturday, Closed Sundays
    • Website:
    • Neighborhood: Palermo Hollywood
    • Address: 1937 Bonpland, Palermo, CABA C1414
    • Contact/WhatsApp Number:+54011 2107-0676
    • Other Locations: Chacarita **
    • Google Maps Link:

    Music Hub Coworking & Studios is designed specifically for the audiovisual industry, offering a unique space for musicians, artists, freelancers, and companies to develop their activities in a professional environment. This includes coworking spaces, office space, auditoriums, audio and video studios, and spaces for events, making it an ideal spot for creative professionals looking for a community-oriented and industry-specific working environment.

    Usina Coworking (Palermo Hollywood)

    • Price:
      • ARS 45,000 to ARS 65,000 per month for hot desk
      • Fixed memberships at ARS 85,000 plus VAT per month for a minimum of three months
      • Private offices start from USD 850, and the auditorium can be rented for USD 1,100 for a full day.
    • Hours: 8AM to 9PM Monday to Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday
    • Website:
    • Neighborhood: Palermo Hollywood
    • Address: Castillo 1366, Buenos Aires, Palermo CABA
    • Contact: +54 9 11 2585 4793
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Google Maps Link:

    Huerta Coworking Dorrego (Palermo Hollywood)

    • Price:
      • Fixed Desk Monthly: $175 USD
      • Hot Desks Monthly: $89 USD
    • Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Closed Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Website:
    • Neighborhood: Palermo Hollywood.
    • Address: Dorrego 2133, C1414 Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Contact/WhatsApp Number: +54 11 5368-0977
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Google Maps Link:

    Best Coworking Spaces in Palermo SoHo

    La Maquinita Co. Palermo Soho – Niceto Vega

    La Maquinita Co. Palermo Hollywoood – Godoy Cruz

    Coming Soon – opens in March

    Huerta Coworking Palermo SoHo

    • Price: **
    • Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Closed Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Website:
    • Neighborhood: Palermo SoHo
    • Address: Tucumán 439, C1049 DF, Argentina **
    • Contact/WhatsApp Number: +54 9 11 7137 0441
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Google Maps Link:

    AreaTres El Salvador (Palermo Soho)

    Urban Station (Palermo Soho)

    • Price: From ARS 2,000 per hour, available hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly
    • Hours: 9AM to 8PM Monday to Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday
    • Website:
    • Neighborhood: Palermo Soho
    • Address: CMW, Bonpland 1823, C1414 CMW, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Contact/WhatsApp Number: +54 1148972161 or +54114897-2162
    • Google Maps Link:

    Urban Station is an easily accessible space in Palermo with a variety of amenities to enhance the coworking experience, including high-speed WiFi, coffee and snacks, air conditioning, pet-friendly spaces, bike parking, water dispensers, and more. They also offer flexible working options with their Open Space environment, private rooms for meetings, private office spaces, and terraces for a relaxing break or outdoor work. Urban stations vibe leans more towards a common spaces and a “membership only” coffee shop feel, in a good, non-pretentious way. The open layout, lots of windows, and the 2nd floor terrace) great for meetups, deliver lots of natural light in a way that feels like a coffee shop porch without being exposed to the weather.

    Best Coworking Spaces in Villa Crespo

    Joy Cowork

    La Maquinita – Villa Crespo

    • Price: **
    • Hours: 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM Monday to Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday
    • Website:
    • Neighborhood: Villa Crespo
    • Address: C1414AUK, Loyola 501, C1414AUK DF, Argentina
    • Contact/WhatsApp Number: +54 9 11 2795-2934
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Google Maps Link:

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