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    A Complete Midigama Surf Guide: When, Where, and How to Surf One of Sri Lanka’s Best Breaks

    Scoring uncrowded surf spots on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast can be a rarity, but if you’re aware of the Midigama surf spots, its easier than you think.

    Midigama Surf Guide
    Some epic Sri Lanka Surf | Photo Credit: @surfingsl

    “Midigama is what Hikkadua was in the 70’s and now lacks”.  Plenty of breaks for all levels are always pumping, and plenty of hidden ones turn on with a 2ft swell or bigger.

    If having those waves all to yourself sounds spot on, keep reading for info on the Midigama surf scene, the best breaks, and more.

    Contents of this Midigama Surf Guide

    Midigama Surf Overview

    Located in southwest Sri Lanka just 3 hours from Colombo, Midigama, a former fishing village, is now a convenient surf stop between more developed surf towns with hollow waves when pumping.  The town itself is much less developed than Hikkaduwa, but the breaks are much less crowded too.

    Read on for a Midigama surf guide that’ll tell you which breaks to hit, how to get there, when to go, and all of the other tips you need to max out your Sri Lanka surf vacay in this little brother to **Midigama** and Arugama Bay.

    When To Surf Midigama

    November to April is the best time of year to surf Midigama, and the rest of southwest Sri Lanka, as it is outside of the rainy season and the wind consistently rolls offshore and it rarely rains.  Peak season is December to January as surfers and tourists descend.

    Weather and Seasons in Midigama

    • October to April: Dry and sunny
    • April to September: Showers and Monsoons
    • Air and Water Temperatures average27 centigrade / 80 Fahrenheityear round

    Google Map of the Midigama Surf Breaks

    The Breaks to Surf in Midigama

    • Lazy Left – Long, 500 meter rides. Reef break suitable for low intermediate | 6 ft
    • Rams – A short, powerful right hander; reef bottom; hollow waves and tubes are common and only for advanced surfers  
    • Plantations – Right hander reef break suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers
    • Coconuts – Hollow lefts that close out over dry reef.  Enter same as you would at plantations break and paddle out

    Other Nearby Towns and Breaks

    Prices and Budgeting

    • Surf lessons: 2,000 Rupees (~$12 USD)
    • Board Rentals: 300-400 ($1.70 to $2.30 USD) Rupees per hour or 1,000-1,200 ($5.70 to $6.80 USD) Rupees per day
    • Tuk Tuk around town: 150 Rupees (~$.85)
    • Scooter Rental: 1000 Rupees (~$6 USD) per day
    • Beer: 300 -1000 rupees ($1.70USD – $5.70 USD), depending on the establishment and beer.

    Gear Accessibility

    Boards are available for rent for cheap in Midigama and the rest of Sri Lanka, but plan on well worn foam boards and dinged up funboards.  If you’re a new surfer, don’t sweat it, just rent on arrival.  If you’re intermediate/advanced and expecting to rip, bring your own board.

    For surfers bringing their own boards, don’t plan on being able to take that board on the train (extremely packed) or bus (little baggage space) without getting it damaged.  Do plan on hiring a shared shuttle or private taxi.

    For surfers bringing their own gear, an extra set of fins, an extra leash, and hot weather/tropical wax will be useful…as you can plan on paying double the price for what you’d pay for the same quality of gear at home if its available.

    Additionally, know that if you’re bringing a board or gear, locals will be willing to buy it at a premium.  Many of the boards already in the area are made and shipped in from Thailand, so brand name and awesome gear is sought after.


    Getting to Midigama

    Midigama is located a 2.5 to 3 hour car ride south from Colombo and about an 40 minutes south of Galle.  Train, taxi, and bus options from Colombo are available.

    Train from Colombo to Midigama: From Colombo, just take any of the trains for Ahangama, Midigama, or Weligama railway stations 210 Rupees for ~$1.50 USD.  Ask the conductor for information on when to stop in Midigama.

    Bus from Colombo to Midigama: Buses run from Colombo every ~20 minutes, 24 hours a day from the Colombo Central Bus Terminal.

    Taxi from Colombo to Midigama: Buses depart three times daily from Colombo at the following times

    • 6:55 am (Train Number 8050),
    • 2:25 pm (Train Number 8056)
    • 6:05 pm (Train Number 8766)

    From Galle and Welligama by Tuk Tuk

    700 Rupees (~$4 USD) from Galle to Midigama by Tuk Tuk

    150-200 Rupees ($.85 USD – $1.15) from Midigama to Welligama by Tuk Tuk

    Getting Around Midigama

    Tuk Tuk: The only way to explore

    Tuk tuk’s are the mode of transportation of choice, doubling as transportation and tour guides.  Though you could rent a car and drive on your own, Sri Lanka traffic is insane so beware. 

    ~$20 USD can get a tuk tuk ninja as your guide and driver for the entire day.

    A Tuk Tuk from Ahangama or Weligama will cost 300 ($1.70 USD).


    • Street food is delicious here.  If you’re an adventurous eater try everything, though the rotis are an easy win
    • Juice bars on the side of the road press fresh, exotic fruits to your liking
    • Note that beer can be hard to find at some times, due to local liquor licensing laws

    Sri Lankan Foods to try

    • Fish ambul thiyal (sour fish curry)
    • Kottu (also, kottu roti)
    • Kukul mas curry (chicken curry)
    • Parippu (dhal curry)
    • Lamprais
    • Hoppers (appa or appam)
    • Polos (green jackfruit curry)
    • Wambatu moju (eggplant/brinjals pickle)


    Other Things to Do in Midigama

    • SCUBA Diving: Dives $35; Discovery Dive $60; Open Water and Advanced courses

    Day Trips

    • Whale watching
    • Galle Fort
    • Handunugoda tea
    • Yala National Park
    • Udawalawe National Park:


    Midigama Surf Camps

    1. Cocoplant Surf Camp (Location | Website)
    2. Plantation Surf Camp (Inn and Restaurant) (Location | Website)
    3. Shaggy’s Surf School ( and Tiger Villas) (Location | Website)
    4. Lankasurfing Surf Camp (Location)

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