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    The Adventure 8: A Design for Outdoor Adventure Travel

    Exploring (and being) marine life in the oceans of South East Asia

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the outdoors.  As a kid, my brother and I spent our entire summers wandering the Mojave desert with nothing but a backpack filled with water and a few snacks, our dog and a couple of walking sticks.  As an adult, when I was finally able to drive a bit further, my weekends were spent in the mountains, snowboarding, rock climbing, or just camping under the stars. Over the years, my hobbies have changed countless times, but the theme of living my “best life” by experiencing the outdoors & adventure travel has remained constant. 

    The Adventure 8: A Design for Outdoor Adventure Travel

    My recent stint of surfing in Bali stirred my craving for the outdoors, and sparked some inspiring question…

    Why not make connecting with the outdoors a consistent theme of travel?

    Why not make take on adventures around globe, through all of its climates and landscapes, to experience the best this planet has to offer?

    Why not go to destinations for one of a kind experiences with nature…and come ready to experience those “feats” as richly and simply as possible?

    Hiking a volcano in Pucon, Chile. A great adventure that anyone could do.

    I realized, for a few people, the thrill and adrenaline rush of adventure is the best rush that can be experienced. 

    For most people, stretching ones limits physically, while in the beauty of the outdoors, is an experience more rewarding than most things that happen in daily life.

    For all, getting in touch with nature, in its various forms, is amazing, enriching, and improves quality of life. Study after study has proved that.  Getting into nature leads to a happier, healthier life. 

    Naturally, the same must apply to travel…right?

    With this idea in mind – that getting into nature makes experiences better – I sat down and wrote a list.  A list of 8 sports that capitalize on the elements of nature (air, earth, and water) and their power.  A list of 8 sports that focus on experiencing the varied landscapes and climates of our planet using as little technology as possible. A list of 8 sports, that if worked at, would enable travelers to connect with the world better on any landscape., with each sport highlight a specific way to get in touch with nature.  I call this list of sports, “The Adventure 8”.   

    The Adventure 8

    1. Kayaking: Experiencing the power of water coming from its source
    2. Mountaineering and trekking:  Experiencing the greatness of mountains
    3. Skydiving: Experiencing the sky
    4. Surfing: Experiencing sea, sky (wind), and land(coasts and breaks) as they converge
    5. Freediving: Experiencing the depths of the sea
    6. Wingsuit/Hanggliding: Experiencing wind
    7. Snowboarding or Skiing: Experiencing snow andice
    8. Rock climbing: Experiencing the earth, exposed

    These eight adventure sports will be the basis for my travels over the next year. 

    I recently crossed off country #50 (Egypt) of a few years of cumulative travel.  Along the way, I’ve experienced cultures that I never would have anticipated, tasted more unique and delicious things than I knew existed, and witnessed some of the most impressive sights and cityscapes the world has to offer…but I want to step it up for countries 51-100. 

    In addition continuing exploration of cultures and cityscapes, I’ll design the travel to come around destinations and experiences wherein I climb, fly, and dive into the best that the planet truly has to offer.

    Along the way, I’ll record the journey, sharing the experiences to inspire, but also sharing how you or any other traveler (even with 10 days or less) surf,climb and slide into adventures around the world. Regardless of your skill level or budget…we’ll get you started. I’ll share the process of how I’ve gotten started and grown in each of the 8 pursuits.  I’ll retell the stories of accomplishments and misadventures I have along the way. I aim to nudge you into choosing your own adventure of choice, getting out there, and traveling further. 

    The Adventure 8 pairs perfectly with the A Brother Abroad travel series “10 Days Live” in which I’ll share info and ideas for how you can travel more”exotically” in your 2 weeks off a year.  In the Adventure 8 series “10 Days to live…Adventurously”, I’ll find 10 day long trips that allow travelers to make the most of each of the 8 “sports” making one of these adventure sports the theme of their own travels. 

    10 Days to Live…Adventurously will deliver options for destinations and 10 day itineraries based around each sport (with some side adventures and pleasures,of course).  Maybe someday, you can join me in your two weeks a year.  Is time or money your excuse?  We’ll work both of those out along the way.

    What happens next?

    Honestly, I get back to surfing before the Surf Brothers give away my favorite board, but in the coming months have plenty of sea adventurous in store – from aquatic hunting to swimming with giants.  Look forward to inspiration and great ideas that will change how you travel.  Stay tuned… 

    The Adventure 8: Eight Outdoor Adventure sports that will inspire you to travel better.  By planning travel around these experiences, you'll go further, seeing more of the world, in a way most will never see.

    Interested in where this idea came from?

    Check out Part 1 – “TheOzaki 8: Inspiration for Adventurous Travel”

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