Ozaki 8 - Inspiration for Outdoor & Adventure Travel

The Ozaki 8: Inspiration for True Outdoor & Adventure Travel

In the new remake of the movie Point Break “the Ozaki 8” is a challenge posed to the adventure sports world of 8 extreme sports “ordeals” intended to honor the elements and forces of nature. Ono Ozaki, the creator of the ordeals dubbed “The Ozaki 8”, was is a fictional extreme athlete and eco-warrior that wanted to bring public attention to environmental issues in the movie Point Break.  Ozaki posited that completing these nearly impossible tasks, each interacting with a particular element of nature (e.g., water, earth, air), would bring public attention to key environmental issues.  

Within the movie, Ono Ozaki dies after supposedly completing the first “ordeal”. In his absence, a group of “extreme poly athletes”, incredibly skilled in a wide range of extreme sports, have turned criminal, incorporating these extreme sports feats into everything from bank robberies to weekend adventures to eco-terror attacks, and therein lies the plot of the Point break remake.

Whether you loved or hated the movie, you have to admit…the visuals and the feats recreated in the film were quite impressive, and inspired me to create a list of feats of my own.  First, let’s review the Ozaki 8 ordeals…

The Ozaki 8: The Ordeals Honoring the Elements & Power of Nature

  1. Emerging Force: Whitewater rafting the Inga Rapids in the Congo
  2. Birth of Sky: BASE jumping from Mt. Everest
  3. Awakening Earth: Skydiving into the Cave of Swallows in St. Louis Potosi, Mexico
  4. Life of Water: Surfing a wave over 60 feet tall
  5. Life of Wind: A Wingsuit “proximity flight” flying between….
  6. Life of Ice: Snowboarding down an unridden mountain
  7. Master of Six Lives: Free solo climb Angel Falls in Venezuela
  8. Act of Ultimate Trust: Placing your life into the hands of nature

As stated in the movie, taking on even one of the feats from the Ozaki 8 is likely to kill, but, the creators are on to an interesting theme.  By building a story around outdoor, adventure, travel, and extreme sports that capitalize on the forces and elements of nature: sky, earth, and sea.  As I looked over this list, recognizing this theme, I realized that if one were to plan travel around experiencing each of these experiences under more survivable circumstances, this might be a recipe for some interesting, adventurous, fulfilling travel that’s packed with excitement, healthy, and keeps one in touch with nature.

So, I sat down and rewrote a more manageable list of sports (instead of feats) to experience and hone.  I aimed for a list of sports that incorporate as little technology as possible and put us in touch with nature as much as possible. 

The minimalist, self-reliant nature of each sport will undoubtedly be physically challenging, but in turn would push you to stay at your physical peak.  The stripped nature of each sport, using as little technology as possible and incorporating the elements and forces of nature as much as possible would force one to connect with nature.  In this ever more connected and urbanized world we live in, this list of sports would push us to venture further away from the cities and metropolises most of us live in and closer to the places where real adventures live.

By picking travel destinations that offer the best chances to engage in each sport, the end result would be better, more adventurous travel, healthy in nature, that encourages physical and mental development and inspires us to adventure higher, deeper, and further.

I present to you, the adventure 8.

The Adventure 8:

Eight sports that will push you into outdoor& adventure travel

If you wanted to truly travel and explore the world, not just the cities and people hives, but the whole world…the real world – the BBC Planet Earth world, the backcountry, the Andes, the Himalayas, the thousands of islands in Southeast Asia, the places where giants swim and the air is thin – what would that travel look like?  How would you do it?  I think, you would do it like this…

The Adventure 8

  1. Kayaking – experiencing the power of water comingfrom its source
  2. Mountaineering and trekking – experiencing thegreatness of mountains
  3. Skydiving – experiencing the sky
  4. Surfing – experience sea, sky (wind), and land(coasts and breaks) at their point of convergence
  5. Freediving – experiencing the depths of the sea,stripped
  6. Wingsuit/Hanggliding – experiencing wind
  7. Snowboarding or Skiing – experiencing snow andice
  8. Rock climbing – experiencing rock

By constructing your travel experiences around a few of these eight sports (which nearly anyone can do) I believe you would travel the world in a new light, by seeing its furthest reaches in all climates and from new perspectives.  Eight sports to take on to change how you travel for the better.


9. Giving back –> volunteering in conservation and environmentalism

After it’s all done, I think you could gain even more by showing appreciation and giving back.  Giving back, to nature (and to the world) in a way that leaves it better than we found it and in a way that leaves more for the next generation to enjoy.

So, we have a new model and motivation for travel…now what? 

My New Style of Travel Begins…

Over the next year, I plan to visit 49 more countries (to reach 100 total).  To hit that goal, I’ll travel to more uncommon places that are natural playgrounds for outdoor & adventure travel, and the perfect places to experience the “Adventure 8” while using each to adventure further and better. 

Along the way, I’ll document the experiences, so you can share in the excitement (and pick your own sport of focus), I’ll show you how you can add one of these hobbies to your list (on a limited budget and with limited time), and I’ll lay out ideas for destinations that you can visit with less than 10 days available and experience your adventure of choice in challenging, fulfilling, and rejuvenating way.  So, stay tuned…

Do I have your attention? Are you curious?

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The Ozaki 8 - Inspiration for Outdoor & Adventure travel