The Essential Suspension Training Exercises

Fitness on the road doesn’t seem like an easy task…but it can be. Having a good suspension trainer allows you to get in a good upper body resistance workout without weights, allowing you to build strength and muscle anywhere.

Watch the video above to learn the essential exercises you need to get the most of your suspension trainer.

Back, Chest, and Shoulder Exercises

  • Pull Up
  • Dip
  • Overhead Press (facing anchor – works rear of the shoulder)
  • Overhead Press (facing away from anchor – works from of shoulder)
  • Row (can be performed one-armed for higher difficulty)
  • Push Up (can be performed one-armed for higher difficulty)
  • High Pull
  • Suspension Trainer Muscle-Up
  • Suspension Trainer Clean & Press

Arm Exercises

  • Overhead Biceps Curl
  • Overhead Triceps Extension
  • Straight Biceps Curl (arms parallel to the ground)
  • Low Triceps extension (arms parallel to body)

If you’re in need of a suspension trainer to make this possible, check out our review of the Pocket Monkii portable suspension trainer or my DIY portable gymnastic rings & suspension trainer.

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