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    The Essential Suspension Training Exercises

    Fitness on the road doesn’t seem like an easy task…but it can be. Having a good suspension trainer allows you to get in a good upper body resistance workout without weights, allowing you to build strength and muscle anywhere.

    [mv_video key=”t9hwrq6uynx6teupvmij” title=”7 Best Suspension Training Exercises for TRX, Monkii Bars, and DIY Gymnastics Rings” thumbnail=”” volume=”70″ doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” ratio=”” jsonLd=true]

    Watch the video above to learn the essential exercises you need to get the most of your suspension trainer.

    Back, Chest, and Shoulder Exercises

    • Pull Up
    • Dip
    • Overhead Press (facing anchor – works rear of the shoulder)
    • Overhead Press (facing away from anchor – works from of shoulder)
    • Row (can be performed one-armed for higher difficulty)
    • Push Up (can be performed one-armed for higher difficulty)
    • High Pull
    • Suspension Trainer Muscle-Up
    • Suspension Trainer Clean & Press

    Arm Exercises

    • Overhead Biceps Curl
    • Overhead Triceps Extension
    • Straight Biceps Curl (arms parallel to the ground)
    • Low Triceps extension (arms parallel to body)

    If you’re in need of a suspension trainer to make this possible, check out our review of the Pocket Monkii portable suspension trainer or my DIY portable gymnastic rings & suspension trainer.

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