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Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Guide

The Everest Base Camp Trek cost will vary by trekker, depending on how luxuriously you do they hike and how independently you do the hike.  The major factors affecting price are use of porters and guides, how much you eat and how “local” you eat, and whether you join a package tour trek to Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost | Cheaper and more enjoyable to do independently
One of the many views on the Everest Trek that make the trek worth doing…independently

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How can you save money on the Everest Base Camp Trek?

  • Carry your own gear and be your own guide
  • Bring water purification tablets or a water filtration system instead of buying bottled water
  • Eat dal baht (a rice, lentil soup) instead of fancier meals
  • Bring a portable recharging block to avoid paying to recharge electronics
  • Bring your own treats and desserts (such as chocolate) to avoid paying high prices on the trek
  • Bring your own medications and essentials to avoid paying 3x Kathmandu price on the trek

Checkout our Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List to plan ahead and cut down on your Everest Base Camp Trek cost

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Breakdown

The Everest Base Camp cost for independent trekkers (trekkers not in a guided tour) is broken up into three expenses

  •   Major daily costs (lodging, food, incidentals, etc.)
  •   One time costs (flights, permits, porter/guide fees)
  •   Preparation costs (snacks, gear purchased solely for the trek, etc.)

Major Daily Everest Base Camp Trek Costs:

Teahouse Lodging: $2-$5 per night

One meal:  $7- $12 (Meal, hot beverage, and dessert)

One Recharge: $3 – $7 per full recharge (depending on the elevation, higher locations are more expensive to recharge

Every tea house has an unspoken (and sometimes spoken) agreement that each guest receives a hefty discount on their night’s stay, under the condition that the guest eats at least two of their meals in the tea house.  As the cost of meals are fairly reasonable to the average westerner, this ends up being a convenience and a great way to keep the overall Everest Base Camp Trek cost down. This also allows the budget conscious trekker to still keep their pack light and avoid altitude sickness.

A Snapshot of Prices on a Menu in an Average EBC Trek Tea House

Edelweiss Hotel Menu - Everest Base Camp Trek Cost - Food
Prices in Nepali Rupees – Click for larger image
Edelweiss Hotel Menu - Everest Base Costs - Food
Prices in Nepali Rupees – Click for large Image

One-time fees on the Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekker Information Management System (TIMS) Registration Fee: $20 for individuals, $10 for members of a group

Sagarmartha National Park Fee: $35

Cost of flight from Kathmandu to Lukla: $340 round Trip ($170 one way)

Travel Insurance: ~$130 -$200 for one month of travel covering trekking above

Visa: $40 for one-month visa

Optional Everest Base Camp Trek Costs

Porter: $150-$400 for entire trek

Private Porter-Guide: $400-$800 for entire trek

Potential flight cost for guide or porter from Kathmandu: $50

Porter/Guide Tip: 25%

Emergency Meds purchased in advance from Kathmandu pharmacy: $30

“Heated Shower” (Bucket of hot water): $3-$5 

Bottled Water: $3-$5 per liter (depending on elevation)

Snacks: $30

Common Rental Gear Costs in Thamel, Kathmandu Clothing District

Down Sleeping Bag – ~$3/day

Down Insulating Jacket – ~$3/day

Common Purchases in Thamel, Kathmandu Clothing District

Hiking Pants: $15-$45

Rain Jacket: $15-$45

Down or synthetic insulating jacket: $25-$75

Boots: (Just bring them, or count on getting blisters or paying US prices)

Detailed Everest Base Camp Cost Breakdown


**Estimates do not include equipment for trek and flights to Kathmandu

**Estimates assume trekkers purify their own water or filters own water instead of drinking bottled water

**Estimates assume trekkers bring their own power station to recharge

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