5 Best Resistance Bands to Build Muscle With Minimal Equipment

Resistance band training is one of the best ways to train, get ripped, and build muscle without weights or a gym, which makes resistance band training perfect for home gyms and travelers.  I’ve been traveling the world for over 4 years, and carrying a pair of resistance bands allows me to do core movements like … Read more

33 Parallette Exercises to Get Ripped, Get Strong, and Build Muscle + Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Parallette Workouts

33 Essential Parallette Exercises and Parallette Calisthenics

When training for strength, muscle, and mobility, parallette calisthenics are a perfect way to maximize your bodyweight training to build an insanely stronger body and getting ripped. Including these 32 essential parallette exercises in your workout routine will lead to amazing gains in strength and performance much more quickly than you think. As an adventurer … Read more

50 Best Crossfit Bodyweight WODs [+PDF] | Tough Workouts that Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Bodyweight Crossfit WODs

When working out at home, on the road, or outdoors, getting in a good workout without weights and with minimal equipment can be tough.  Luckily, these Crossfit Bodyweight WODs make the perfect workouts to burn fat, and build strength, muscle, and performance, all with no equipment. Whether you’re trying to get a quick, intense, and … Read more

How to Make Tough PVC Parallettes, Cheaply and Easily

How to build PVC parallettes

With so many home fitness gear options, deciding what equipment is essential and purchasing it all without spending too much money can feel tough.  Luckily for us, PVC parallettes can enable hundreds of great exercises that build strength, muscle, and bulletproof abs and core. Even better, we can easily and quickly build a tough, durable … Read more


The perfect Southeast Asia itinerary for 3 months of backpacking and travel is a tough trip to plan as the “perfect” route highly dependent on you, your tastes, and what you enjoy most in your travel experiences.  With so many countries, so many options for proceeding through them, and so many sites and experiences that … Read more

The Ultimate Western Rise Evolution Pant Review

Extremely stylish, lightweight, breathable, and travel-ready, the Western Rise Evolution Pant is just as suited for adventures as looking good.  After a year of wearing these awesomely techy yet comfy and stylish pants, they’ve become my travel pants of choice for another year of travel. Suppose you’re aiming for a minimalist (yet stylish), travel-ready wardrobe … Read more