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    The Best Coworking Spaces – Bali

    Welcome to A Brother Abroad’s Guide to Coworking Spaces – Bali |With mountains and beaches, surfing and sun, adventures, yoga, and so much more at a very cheap cost of living, Bali, the “Island of the Gods” is a paradise.  All of the creature comforts at a great price to make Bali a great stop for digital nomads or work travelers squeezing in a weekend trip on the Asia circuit.

    After all of the Bali fun, when it’s time to get work done, coffee shops and restaurants as workspaces can get old quick.  Not only is it easy to overstay a welcome, but its nice to have a dedicated workspace, solid internet, and peace & quiet.  If these are of value to you, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the local coworking spaces.  Bali offers countless Coworking spaces across Canggu, Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak, and even further down the peninsula.

    Whatever you’re here on Bali for, there’s a coworking space to get work done right next to your style of after hours fun.

    Read on for The Comprehensive List of Coworking Spaces – Bali.

    Contents of A Brother Abroad’s Guide to Coworking Spaces – Bali

    If you already know where you’re headed in Bali and its Canggu or Ubud (both great digital nomad hubs) checkout our detailed articles on both spots

    The 7 Best Coworking Spaces Canggu Has to Offer

    The 7 Best Ubud Coworking Space to Live, Work, and Give on Bali

    Google Map of the Bali Coworking Spaces

    Canggu Coworking Spaces

    The Canggu Coworking scene is live, rich, and very social with a surf town backdrop and a paradise feel.  For more info on the Canggu Coworking scene and the Coworking space options, check out our article “The 7 Best Coworking Spaces Canggu Has to Offer” or click the links above to be taken to the specific workspaces.

    Ubud Coworking Spaces

    The Ubud Coworking scene is peaceful, robust, and insanely cheap.  For a full list of the Ubud Coworking spaces and the Ubud Coworking scene, visit our article “The 7 Best Ubud Coworking Space to Live, Work, and Give on Bali” or click the links above to be taken to the specific workspaces.

    Uluwatu Coworking Spaces

    • The Space Bali
    • Habitat Village Uluwatu
    • Nagara Coworking
    • Bukithub

    Seminyak Coworking Spaces List

    • Connect @ Peppers
    • Biliq

    Connect @ Peppers

    $92 USD/Mo. | 1.3M IDR per Month |

    “Connect@Peppers” gives you access to the workspace and conference areas of a 5 star resort facility with full use of the amenities and discounts as well.  The monthly price is also very reasonable compare to other coworking spaces nearby and the amenities you get.  Just don’t expect that hip, “digital nomad” feel you’ll get deeper in Canggu.


    • Gym Access: 10AM to 4PM
    • Swimming Pool Access
    • Access to Board Meeting Room
    • 15% Discount on Amenities

    Note that the website doesn’t display much info on Coworking.  If you’re interested, just go in and inqire at reception and they’ll take care of you.


    150k IDR/$11 per Day | 2.3M IDR/$163 per Month |

    A tech an entrepreneurship hub that hosts conferences but doubles as a coworking space.

    Meeting rooms, programs for tech startups, community projects, and mentorship programs also all take place in this space.

    • Hours: 9AM to 6PM Weekdays, 9AM to 12PM Weekends


    • High Speed Wifi
    • Meeting Rooms (for Additional Charge)
    • Outdoor Balcony Workspaces
    • Indoor Air-conditioned Workspaces
    • Lockers Available (Additional Charge)
    • Google Startup Accelerator Program
    • Mentoring Session from Google


    • Monthly Unlimited: 2.3M IDR
    • Weekly: 1M IDR
    • Monthly – 40 Hours: 900k
    • Day Pass: 150K IDR


    30k IDR/$3 Hourly | 1.9M IDR/$135 Monthly |

    A comfy Coworking space started by digital nomads that traveled to Bali and found inconsistency, poor wifi, and bad coffee too distracting from their work – so they design and build the “perfect coworking space”.  “Bali’s Best Workspace” according to Google reviews.

    Biliq has two locations:

    Biliq Seminyak: “The Oasis”

    This has been called one of the most comfortable and peaceful coworking spaces in Bali with napping and Zen rooms and comfy workspaces in addition to meeting rooms, Skype rooms, and all of the other necessities.

    Biliq Sunset: “The Office Suite”

    A bit more corporate and structured than “The Oasis”, but equally easy to stay productive in


    • Monthly Unlimited: 1.9M IDR
    • 10 Days per Month: 1.2k IDR
    • 5 Days per Month:  650k IDR
    • Hourly: 50k IDR
    • By the Minute: 500 IDR/ Minute

    Legian Coworking Spaces

    • Bali Bustle
    • Hub Bali
    • Colony Creative Hub, Kitchen & Bar


    Bali Bustle

    150k IDR/$11 Daily | 2.2M IDR/$156 Monthly |

    Coliving and Coworking in a “serviced apartment styled” community.


    • Workspaces and private offices
    • Skype rooms
    • Free coffee and tea stations
    • Conference rooms
    • Lockers
    • Mailing address
    • Printing and scanning services


    • Gym
    • Pool
    • Weekly Cleaning
    • Rooftop Lounge
    • Events: Members lunches, Yoga, Networking Events


    • Monthly: 2.2M IDR
    • Weekly: 850k IDR
    • Daily: 150k IDR

    Hub Bali

    1M IDR/$71 Monthly | |

    A very well structured and “corporate” style coworking space provided by Sara residence and aimed at companies targeting flexible office space with Coworking and coliving options.

    Hub Bali provides locations in Legian and Nusa Dua


    • Skype Rooms
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Lockers


    • Monthly: 1M IDR

    Other Bali Coworking Spaces

    • Tempatika (Sanur)
    • Genius & Genius Café (Sanur)
    • Joshua District (
    • Livit
    • Lineup Hub
    • Kumpul


    144k IDR/$11 Daily | 3.3M/$234 Monthly |

    A 4-story factory converted into a luxurious and welcoming coworking space with chairs, bean bags, and plenty of power outlets spread across open spaces and multi-purpose meeting and conference rooms.

    A great rooftop with 360 views of both mountains and beaches and restaurant that serves 3 gourmet meals daily provide refreshment and a recharge allowing patrons to fully use the 24/7 operational hours.


    • Monthly: 3.3M IDR
    • Weekly: 720k IDR
    • Daily: 144k IDR

    Learn more at

    Tempatika (Sanur)

    1.75M IDR/$124 Monthly |

    Located near Sanur Beach, Tempatkita lets get work done while accessing a different, less touristy part of Bali.


    • Private offices and private meetings available to rent long term


    • Monthly: 1.75M IDR
    • Monthly (Nights): 770k IDR – 6PM to 8AM
    • 100 Hours Monthly: 1.26M IDR
    • 50 Hours Monthly: 665k IDR
    • Weekly: 420k IDR

    Joshua District

    150k IDR/$11 Daily | 1.5M/$107 IDR Monthly |

    Set northwest of busy Canggu, Joshua District is a bit of quiet respite set in an open concept restaurant with rice field and ocean views at all angles.  The Coworking fee counts as a credit towards food and drink and every table in the restaurant has outlets and rice field views.

    Other Coworking Spaces on Bali

    To be honest, in my research I was recommend many coworking spaces, and couldn’t visit them all.  The best ad easiest to access are listed above.  Below, a few more options are listed that I wasn’t able to check out but are still options if you’re aiming to get off the beaten track.

    Closed Coworking Spaces on Bali

    The just like the scene of coworking spaces, Bali is growing and very dynamic.  As such, Coworking spaces pop up and disappear frequently while Bali finds its place in the nomad kingdom.

    Below you’ll find a graveyard of the Coworking spaces on Bali that were once touted, but are now closed – to save you the time of hunting for a coworking space you were recommended long ago but no longer exists.

    • Third Space
    • Sanur Space
    • Office Club @ Raffs
    • Lineup Hub

    Other Great Coworking Content

    Other Great Bali Content

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