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73 Awesome Canggu Cafés: An Ultimate Guide to Bali’s Coolest Café Scene

The Canggu Cafes - A Living Guide to the Best Cafes in Canggu (A Bali List by A Brother Abroad)

Canggu is Bali’s newest and most popular “area” that has just about the best of everything in Bali.  Beaches.  Smoothie bowls.  Surfing.  Beautiful sunsets.  And Coffee.  Lots of coffee.  This should be expected, given the hipster vibe in Canggu.  The Canggu Café scene is strong.  Real strong.  From someone who learned to love coffee in Italy, I can tell you that the cafes in Canggu do their coffee very well and are worth exploring.

Be warned that because the coffee is generally done so well here, everywhere has wifi, and the food is on point, the Canggu cafés scene isn’t about getting good coffee (that’s a given), its about getting it at place with the ambiance, the feel and the perks you’re looking for.

This guide is a running list to help you navigate your way through the Canggu Café scene and find your place to coffee and chill.

The Canggu Cafes: A Living Guide to the Canggu Cafe Scene


Whether you’re on the hunt for great coffee, healthy food, or delicious food, one of the cafes on our list will have you covered. But its much less about finding a cafe that fits your vibe, has the view you’re looking for, and is convenient to where you’re staying, working, or surfing.

In the following section we’ve divided the 71 cafes in Canggu and around between Berawa, Batu Bolong, Echo Beach/Padon Linjong, Pererenan, Umalas, and Seminyak/Petitinget, so no matter where you are in the “Canggu hood” or where you like to hang, you’ll know of all of the solid coffee options near you.

Cafes in Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong, formerly a bohemian surf village and now arguably the heart of Canggu and one of the most popular “villages” in Southeast Asia is a great place to be if you love coffee and chill.

The Best Cafes in Canggu (A Bali List By A Brother Abroad)

Whether you’re aiming to wakeup with a cup and a croissant, work, relax and chat with friends, or nurse your hangover, if you just love cafe scenes, Batu Bolong and around (Echo Beach and Padon Linjong) are must-do experiences while in Canggu and Bali.

Zin Cafe (Batu Bolong)

A hotel restaurant that’s completely built with a cafe vibe over three different floors, one streetside with an open air lounge vibe, one strewn on a second floor with opened an enclosed workspace, and one rooftop with view of the ocean.

A walk through Zin Cafe

Beyond good coffee, the spot delivers great meals from burgers and fries to jazzed up and Indonesian food. Whether co-working or relaxing, I highly recommend Zin.


The new kid on the block in Canggu and much more restaurant than coffee shop.  Opened by an Indonesian chef who spent a decade working in Singapore, Japan, and Australia, and wanted to get creative in a [hipster] area that would appreciate it, this cafe does coffee and lunch/dinner food pretty damn well.

BGS Coffee (Batu Bolong)

BGS, or “Bali General Supply” is a staple coffee station in Bali at its Canggu location a 5 minute walk from the beach, and in Uluwatu as well. The small, intimate size and setup makes it a great place to meet and mingle in the mornings, after a surf on the Canggu beaches, and before continuing your day.

The surf concept store, delivering surf and skate lifestyle items as well as surfboards, is a cool touch too.

Crate Cafe (Batu Bolong)

Awesome juices, delicious smoothies, and OG level smoothie bowls, Crate Cafe is a go to location if you want a tasty, smoothy, plant based breakfast, its hard to do better than Crate Cafe. Excellent spot for the early risers looking for healthy eats.

The Shady Shack Canggu (Batu Bolong)

Vegetarian eats and healthy treats, served in a backyard patio setting, walking distance from the Batu Bolong main drag

Located walking distance (~10 minutes) from Batu Bolong Beach, and just off the Batu Bolong circuit, Shady Shack is a cool cafe but a much better restaurant. Delivering an all vegetarian menu and plenty of tasty, healthy dishes, they still make GREAT food.

Personally, I’m more carnivore than not, but their vegetarian and vegan dishes are great, the “healthy” desserts are a great cheat, and a cool outdoor patio sitting space that lets you enjoy the best of Bali.

Mimpi Grocery (Batu Bolong – Padon Linjong)

One of the coolest secrets secrets spots in Canggu, artistic, and relaxed overlooking a ricefield and river view

Mimpi – which means “dream” in Indonesian – is a solid for coffee, but even better for the vibe, this artistic brain child of two brothers is an excellent place to meet, relax, and (barely) work, nestled between ricefields on all sides, and equipped with a hammock net hanging off the second floor, and an outdoor swimming pool below.

If the crazy pace of “Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong” is driving you crazy, sneak off a quiet street to the relaxing, artsy, tropical vibes of Mimpi.

TMO Coffee Bali (Batu Bolong – Padon Linjong)

TMO Coffee is another smaller street side, open air cafe just up the road from Echo Beach with extremely affordable prices and vibe that is perfect for the AM crowd.

Secret Spot Cafe (Batu Bolong)

Tasty pastries, tasty breakfast options and good place to work, but even better to chill. Keep an eye out for evening wine happy hours and live music that are actually better than the daytime scene.

Café Coach (Batu Bolong)

Targeting the flashy and spending “coaches scene” in Bali, Cafe Coach delivers a “lux” lounge like vibe with heavy aircon, cushy, pillowy seats, and and attentive staff. If you want a place to get work done and feel like Tony Robbins, this might be it.

Rise and Shine Canggu (Batu Bolong – Padong Linjong)

Though this street side cafe on the Padon Linjong drag delivers solid cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos, the California style breakfasts are the highlight of this cafe. Tater tots (which they call “potato nuggets) and delicious breakfast burritos, California style, Rise and Shine one of my favorite Canggu restaurants for breakfast. Also, do give their sweet potato fries a shot as they are some of the best you’ll find in Bali.

Copenhagen (Batu Bolong – Padong Linjong)

A cool open air streetside cafe with a simple vibe, reliably tasty cappucinos, and great cinnamon rolls. If you’re in Padong Linjong or near Echo Beach, its worth dropping in.

The Sloth Bali (Batu Bolong)

The offshoot to the Sloth lofts and villas, catering to nomads and workationers, this restaurant delivers an all vegetarian menu for those who want to eat healthy while staying productive.

Superfood Canggu (Batu Bolong)

A cafe that is legit dedicated to making superfood based beverages, smoothies, and eats. If you are on a health kick, or just want something natural and tasty, drop in and check it out!


Healthy Ubud (Batu Bolong – Padong Linjong))

Affordable vegan eats, at the cafe or for delivery.


Miel Cafe(Batu Bolong)

I Am Vegan Babe (Batu Bolong)

100% vegan eatery and cafe that still stays 100% delicious

Blacklist Coffee Roasters (Batu Bolong)

Tropical Nomads (Coworking Space & Cafe) Batu Bolong

This beautiful structure to hang out at is actually a co working space (one of my favorites in Bali). Though you won’t be able to work inside or upstairs with your coffee purchase, you’ll love the outdoor, covered cabanas and tables for working and chatting.

Dojo Bali (Coworking Space & Cafe) (Batu Bolong)

A great coworking space (one of the first in Bali) with a convenient café street front that anyone can use for a quick cup of coffee or smoothie bowl, just a couple hundred meters from Echo Beach.

Outpost Canggu (Coworking Space & Cafe) (Batu Bolong)

Like most coworking spaces in Bali, this place runs on coffee, so, if you don’t want a full day (and maybe just a few minutes) you can drop in for a cup and a quick session.

Machinery Cafe Bali

A tiny joint with a handful of tables, great coffee &smoothies, realy fast internet and a couple of boardgames hidden.  A great alternative to Starbucks (though it has the same vibe) as its good for work or a sit down cup of coffee

  • Price Range: $
  • Hours: 7:30AM to 8PM
  • Location: On Batu Bolong Beach area’s main road, a 5 minute drive from the beach
  • Machinery Café Google Maps Location, No, Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.35, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

Metta Cafe

Hidden behind a nest of greenery, this cafe claims to be about “Coffee, healthy food, & grilled food.”  Open air, quaint, and casual.

  • Price Range: $
  • Hours: 8AM to 10PM
  • Location: On Batu Bolong Beach area’s main road, a 5 minute drive from the beach

Cafe Vida

Excellent for a morning coffee as it arguably has the nicest view that isn’t a beach or rice field. The seductively dark ambiance and huge trees growing in the courtyard, right through the tables that you’re sitting at, give a cool and different vibe to go with your morning latter.  The food isn’t necessarily worth the price (in my opinion), but the coffee and vibe is excellent.

Though the wifi is fast, don’t plan on hanging here for an extended period as there are clear signs asking digital nomads, and anyone else workin on a laptop to limit their stay. Its still a great place for a cup of coffee though.

The Common Cafe

An open designed cafe that’s open early so you can get your caffeine fix before surfing, yoga, or whatever form of Bali exercise you choose. The tiny breakfast delights hit the spot as well.

Motion Cafe

Great healthy eating options (Keto, vegan, low carb, carnivore, etc.)

Motion Cafe is the perfect place to hit post workout/yoga/surf/(insert exercise preference here).  Coffee is the sideshow as this cafe’s options focus on fitness and recovery with protein pancakes, actual fruit covered waffles, juice cleanse programs, and paleo friendly options .

Cafe Organic

A cafe for self-proclaimed “Garden Gangstas”.  Healthy.  Coffee. Brunch.

Betlenut Café

They serve coffee, but their smoothie bowls and munchies are much better.  Head downstairs for AC, but the open, windowless setup up stairs has a solid vibe too.

  • Price Range: $$
  • Hours: 8AM to 10PM
  • Location: On the main drag in Batu Bolong on the way to the beach. A perfect spot to grab a smoothie bowl before an afternoon surf session.

Cafe The Daun

A hidden spot on a side street in Batu Bolong where you can enjoy a cup of coffee without the passing traffic and crowds.

  • Price Range: $
  • Hours: 7AM to 5PM
  • Location: On a Batu Bolong sidestreet away from the chaos and traffic, and still only 3 minutes away from Batu Bolong Beach

Monsieur Spoon

A legit french bakery and coffee shop with a a load of pastries on display to go with their spot on coffee.  Air conditioned room with inside seating or shaded seating in a covered patio is available.  Open nice and early for the surfer crowd.

Canggu Cafes near Berawa Beach

Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster Café

A coffee shop slightly hidden behind plants and ivy, located just off the main drag in “new Canggu” with strong wifi, great coffee, and a range of seating, from 2 person tables to group seating perfect or meetings. Delicious specialty Bali coffee too – not necessarily in the exotic bean (like Kopi Luak) but because they roast all of their beans in house to deliver a great tasting no nonsense cup – arguably some of the best coffee in Canggu.

Spoiler: Hungry Bird supplies most of the coffee shops in Canggu too, so if you’re at a cafe specifically for the coffee (and not so much the style and vibe) give my staple favorite a try.

  • Price Range: $
  • Hours: 8AM to 5PM, Closed Sundays
  • Location: Just off the main drag in new Canggu, near the shortcut and Berawa Beach
  • Hungry Bird Google Maps Location, Jalan Raya Semat (Jl Perancak) No.86, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara

Cinta Café

Located on Berawa’s main street, Cinta Cafe delivers good food with with Meditteranean and Latin influence – think pita and hummus, tortilla de patata, and mezze plates – served in a backyard setting right in front of the rice field. If you’re aiming for brunch with local and international options, check out Cinta.

And give the Napolean cake a try! It’s a surprising treat.

  • Price Range: $$
  • Hours: 8AM to 10:30PM
  • Location: On New Canggu’s main drag, a 3 minute drive from Berawa Beach


A tiny yet tasty shop close to Berawa Beach that serves great, European style coffee and solid brunch options

  • Price Range: $$
  • Hours: 7:30AM – 4:00PM
  • Location: Berawa Beach area
  • Ruko Google Maps Location Link, Jl. Pantai Berawa No.99, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara,

Toosi (Coffee Kiosk)

A coffee stand close to Berawa beach that’s all about to go coffee or hanging out with good vibes. Great live impromptu acoustic music when the baristas get bored and good vibes, but no wifi. Perfect for grabbing a quick cup to go.

Sprout Café

A new cafe that usually has a small crowd with a quiet ambiance. If you like to sit in peace, this shop has a small courtyard lined with plants and shielded from the street (Pantai Berawa)giving mellow vibes inside the cafe and in the courtyard. 

  • Price Range: $$
  • Hours: 7AM to 6PM Daily
  • Location: New Canggu close to the “Shortcut” in the Berawa Beach area
  • Sprout Café Google Maps Location, Kuta Utara Badung, Jl. Raya Semat No.18, Tibubeneng, Canggu


A notoriously healthy cafe and restaurant that does coffee well and food better from a huge menu

  • Price Range: $
  • Hours: 11AM to 11PM
  • Location: On the main street in new Canggu, 3 min. drive from Berawa Beach
  • Nude Google Maps Location, Jl. Pantai Berawa No.33, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

Milk & Madu Café

Another cafe with cuisine as good as its coffee.  An open design overlooking rice fields and a playcenter for the kids, as well as a full spread of baked goods and pastries up for grabs

Two Trees

A comfy coffee shop with open design and fresh air that only gets the passing traffic headed to Berawa Beach

Peloton Supershop

Not just a coffeeshop, a supershop, so named because of its countless delcious yet healthy eats with plenty of options for the vegetarian crowd

  • Price Range: $$
  • Hours: 7:30AM to 10PM
  • Location: New Canggu, off the main street, a bit further than the others from Berawa Beach
  • Peloton Supershop Google Maps Location: Jl. Pantai Berawa No.46, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

Satu Satu Coffee Company

  • Price Range: $
  • Hours: 8:3AM to 4:30PM
  • Location: New Canggu, 10 minute drive from Berawa Beach
  • Satu Satu Google Maps Location, Jl. Pantai Berawa No.36, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara

Gowes Café

A tiny coffee shop with 6 tables inside, and a bar on its porch, but great coffee and the cheapest in the area.  If you need a quick caffeine fix to go, come here as its cheap and on the way to…pretty much anywhere. If you’re in the mood to stay, their solid food options will please as well. Fast wifi. Loyalty program for coffee addicts


Plenty of space to sit and options for peace here. Downstairs has traditional coffeeshop vibe, the back patio has, well, a patio vibe, and upstairs is an open air restaurant (now windows) with panormic views of new Canggu and the ricefields. Good coffe and food at cheap prices

  • Price Range: $
  • Hours: 7AM to 10PM
  • Location: On new Canggu’s main drag surrounded by several great restaurants, and a 3 minute drive from Berawa beach
  • Notes: No wifi last time I was there

Coffee & Oven

Good vibe, extremely affordable prices, and awesome pastries

  • Price Range: $$
  • Hours: 7AM to 6PM
  • Location: On New Canggu’s main street, 3 minutes from Berawa Beach

Secret Spot Bali

A small yet cool spot that does coffee as well as they do smoothie bowls and light, Canggu style snacks.  More akin to a treehouse, with a loft style seating area and patio, this cafe lives up to its name

Price Range: $$

Hours: 7:30AM to 9:30PM

Location: Just off New Canggu’s main street, 5 minutes from Berawa

Old Soul – Sunny Cafe

Though it poses as a restaurant this cafe does better as a cafe by day and a bar at night with a cool vibe spanning both times

  • Price Range: $$
  • Hours: 8AMto 11PM
  • Location: New Canggu off the main street, 10 minutes from Berawa beach

Odyssey Mvmt

A yoga studio situated on the second floor of a building with a great view of the rice fields and doubles as a cafe between classes. During yoga classes, you can still grab a coffee and enjoy it on the groundfloor patio.  This coffee shops location in the middle of the shortcut makes it a perfect stopoff when running between the Berawa Beach and Batu Bolong Beach areas.

  • Price Range: $
  • Hours: 7AM to 7PM
  • Location: Situated just between Berawa Beach and Batu Bolong Beach on the middle of the shortcut


Matcha Cafe (Berawa)

Milu by Nook Canggu (Berawa)

Simply good vibes

Doppio Cafe (Berawa)

Great, affordable food

Neighbourhood Food Café (Berawa)

Great wine spot, as well as coffee

Amolas Cafe Canggu (Berawa)

Peaceful, and a great work space

Lusa by Suka (Formerly Suka Espresso) (Berawa)

A great, chill spot on a (main) Berawa backstreet that delivers special Indonesian coffee blend options with a Bali cafe meets Starbucks vibe.

Canggu Cafes near Echo Beach

Canteen Café

Of all the cafes in Canggu, this is possibly my favorite spot. Solid coffee and even better brunch.  An extreme plus – any coffee can be made with coconut milk instead.  Fair warning – everything I’ve tried on this menu is deliciously addictive. Great healthy options

  • Price Range: $$
  • Hours: 7AM to 5PM
  • Location: Located between Batu Bolong Beach and Echo Beach, 3 minutes from either
  • Canteen Cafe Google Maps Location, 80361, Jl. Batu Mejan No.33, Canggu, Kuta Utara

Indosole | Coffee

Possibly the most interesting “cafe” in Canggu. Indosole. An eco-conscious local brand that started off making shoes and sandals out of car tires (think Tom’s and Havaiianas in one). The team opened a flagship store in Canggu showcasing its sandals and shoes, then connected a coffee shop to it, and that same coffee shop becomes a bar and swanky restaurant at night…with a dimly lit, glass encased, pillow laden patio that looks out on the rice fields at nice.

I’ve been to the Tom’s shoes stores in Austin and Venice Beach and Indosole accomplished an extreme one up here.  This place is a must see.


Avocado Factory Canggu

All things healthy make this breakfast and lunch café an eating option you can feel good about.  Add the open layout and views of surrounding rice fields…and we’ve got a winner!

Gypsy Café + Bar

On the opposite side as the main Batu Bolong drag, but still on another popular Batu Bolong street, Gypsy cafe is good for coffee, but better for cocktails, chess, and relaxing, with the Canggu staple small plates of salads, sushi, and avocado laden goodies.

Give Café

A cafe on the low key, “outskirts” of Canggu to the west that is completely nonprofit.  All profits are reinvested in the community. 100% vegan.

  • Price Range: $
  • Hours: 7AM to 8PM
  • Location: 10 minutes from Echo Beach, in the west of Canggu, comfortably away from the traffic and the crowds
  • Give Cafe Google Maps Location, Jl. Padang Linjong No.85, Canggu, Kuta Utara

Pererenan Cafes


A charming Lebanese roadside cafe, minutes walking from Pererenan beach. A bright and chill feel with mellow Lebanese tunes playing in the background, and very little car/bike traffic make this a solid spot to snack, chill, or work.

The space is divided into an outdoor space with comfy couches, bar stools, and a look that reminds me of being in the countryside of Lebanon with a touch of Bali vibes. Inside, tables and cushioned seats in the air conditioner interior make a perfect half day workspace to

Monsieur Spoon (Pererenan)

The Pererenan of everyone’s second favorite French bistro in Canggu, Monsieur Spoon is a great morning spot for delicious pastries and French vibes, delicious breakfast options of the European persuasion, and delicious cakes and pastries made in house. 

The Flow Canggu (Pererenan)

Human Bean Bali (Pererenan)

Best for off beaten track experience. This quiet spot is on a Pererenan side road with a green and breezy outdoor feel that has a vibe more like Canggu 2017 in a great way. Cheap coffee and a lovely island vibe make this a great morning spot to start slow and chill

Honey Canggu (Pererenan)

Peaceful, best during lunch time.

This chill spot has a classy feel with the all white and black adding to ambiance, and a blasting AC keeping things cool inside.

An extensive menu with well done Cafe staples (like Avocado toast and poached eggs) make this an excellent brunch spot contender.

The Hula (Pererenan)

Lux breakfasts, and stylish aesthetics make this roadside Cafe another new Perenanan staple. If you don’t mind the busy (but slow) traffic of Pererenan’s main road (Jolan Pantai Pererenan) this cafes tables and energetic vibe make it a good place to work for a few hours. Cushy couches and seats inside make it a great place to catch up with friends.

Acme Roasters & Bakery

A quaint but cool little roadside bakery and roaster. Not many seats, but the few picnic tables, umbrellas, and tons of fresh pastries make this another good early morning or quick breakfast pastry snack spot.

All goods are baked on sight and in view which adds a cool Cafe ambiance and delicious smells


Cafe Cous Cous (Umalas)

Bucu (Umalas)

Seminyak Area Cafes

Watercress Café (Seminyak)

KYND Community Café (Seminyak)

Great for vegan food

Brunch Club Bali (Seminyak)

Sisterfields (Seminyak)

The Junction House (Seminyak)

La Lucciola (Seminyak- Petitenget)

Livingstone (SeminyakPetitenget)

Permanently Closed Cafes in the Canggu Area

  • The Greenhouse Permanently Closed
  • Silkroad Whole Foods Permanently Closed
  • Strawberry Fields Permanently Closed
  • Cassava Bali Permanently Closed
  • Cafe Organic Bali – Great for a quick breakfast in Canggu Permanently Closed
  • Alu Smoke & Kitchen Permanently Closed
  • Eden Cafe Permanently Closed
  • Quince Cafe Permanently Closed
  • The Loft Canggu – Great waffles Permanently Closed
  • The Spicy Coconut Permanently Closed
  • Betelnut Cafe Permanently Closed
  • Macan Café – Permanently Closed
  • District (Berawa)

The Canggu Cafes - A living guide to the best cafes in Canggu Bali

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