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    The Ultimate GORUCK Coupon Code, Discount, and Sale Guide [2021 Updated]

    GORUCK makes some of the toughest backpacks and bags on the market, backed by a lifetime “SCARS” repair or replacement guarantee, but gear this “bombproof” like that can cost some serious cash – sometimes up to $500 for a backpack (such as the GR3). Lucky for you, this GORUCK coupon code, discount, and sale list has you covered.

    GORUCK Coupon Code discount and sale list

    Seasonal GORUCK sales like Christmas in July, or GORUCK Veterans Day sales, or permanent GORUCK discount programs (like the earned service discount for military, law enforcement, and students at 25% off), and regular discount codes can offset costs quite a bit, making that GORUCK gear a great investment.

    Read on for the Ultimate GORUCK Coupon Code, Discount, and Sale Guide [2019] – which we keep updated to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible on that GORUCK gear you’re bound to love.

    Contents of the Ultimate GORUCK Coupon Code, Discount, and Sale Guide [2019]

    Discount Tips  & How to Save on GORUCK gear

    To save the most on your GORUCK gear, pair your preferred GORUCK coupon code with the following GORUCK perks

    Ultimate GORUCK Coupon Code, Discount, and Sale Guide
    GORUCK Closeout and Discount Gear section is packed with great deals


    GORUCK Veteran’s Day Sale 2021

    Every year, the team runs a GORUCK sale for veteran’s day with GOURCK discounts up to 35% off GORUCK bags, footwear, and apparel. This year, the sale runs from November 4 to November 12th and deals are just as great as ever including the GORUCK Rucker Backpack, the GR1, the MACV-1 GORUCK boots, and more.

    Click below to check out the best item’s from GORUCK’s Veterans Day sale…

    GORUCK Discount & Sale on GORUCK GR1 for Veteran's Day


    GORUCK Discount & Sale on GORUCK Rucker 20L and 25L for Veteran's Day

    …or click below to see all GORUCK sale items...

    GORUCK Black Friday Sales 2021

    Standby for updates on GORUCK’s 2021 Black Friday Sales…

    Don’t forget the 15% off GORUCK Military Discount and Earned Service Discount

    The GORUCK military discount, also known as the GORUCK Earned Service Discount is not to be forgotten. With the GORUCK Earned Service Discount, 15% discounts apply on all gear for active duty and veteran military service members, police, firefighters, students, and government employees.

    Click here here to see if you qualify for 15% off GORUCK gear via GORUCK’s Earned Service Discount

    …or read on for more info on GORUCK’s 15% off, Earned Service Discount

    GORUCK Discount Programs and Permanent Discount Codes

    GORUCK offers a few permanent discount programs that significantly reduce the price of their packs

    15% off for earned service discount for veterans, police, firefighters, students, and more

    The earned service discount is an amazing discount that gives you 15% off all GORUCK gear for being a military veteran or active duty, law enforcement, firefighter, teacher, or a student.  This discount is GORUCK’s way of giving back to those who have given to society (or will soon) and is how I purchased all of my gear.

    To get the earned service discount, simply follow this link to the earned service discount information page to get verified and then the 15% discount will be added to all future orders.

    (Link: Earned Service Discount Information Page)


    Ruck Club Discounts              

    Ruck clubs aren’t just a great way to get in shape but also a great way to get a discount on gear.  Simply signup with your local ruck club and contact the club leadership about discount codes and they’ll fill you in.

    Ultimate GORUCK Coupon Code, Discount, and Sale Guide
    Starting (or joining) a ruck club is a great way to get fit and get a GORUCK discount code

    Visit the Ruck Club information page to learn more about GORUCK Ruck Club related discounts

    To find a ruck club near you visit the Ruck Club Directory.

    Active GORUCK Coupon Code and Discount Code List

    Active GORUCK Discount Codes (Gear)

    • LIFERUCKSRUCKS: $5 off every order
    • GOODLIVIN: 10% of GORUCK Challenge events
    • LIFERUCKSRUCKS: 5% off any order

    Active GORUCK Discount Codes (Events)

    • HEAVY50: 50% of GORUCK Heavy Events
    • STAR15:15% off the GORUCK Star Course
    • RUCKSTAR: 50% off of GORUCK Star Course

    Recurring GORUCK Sale List (Consistently Updated)

    There are consistent GORUCK sales with massive discounts for the following holidays and seasons.  If you’re strapped for cash and can wait, these are the times to purchase. 

    Bookmark this page and check back routinely for updated links.  As sales go live, we’ll update accordingly with links.

    • Christmas in July (July 1 to July 15, 2021)
    • Cyber Monday Sales
    • Christmas sale
    • Presidents Day Sale
    • Spring Cleaning Sale
    • Father’s Day Sale

    Expired GORUCK Discount Codes

    The following GORUCK discount codes were previously active but aren’t reported as active anymore…but…it’s worth a try, right?

    • RUCKSUMMER30: 30% of GORUCK Challenges (Expired)
    • SFLESSONS: 30% off challenges, firearms events, and survival training (Expired)
    • fitnfun016: Save 20% on any program (Expired)
    • CYBER50: 50% off GORUCK Events (Expired – Dec 1, 2018)
    • CYBER30: 30% off GORUCK Firearms Events (Expired – Dec 1, 2018)
    • CHALLENGE40: 40% off GORUCK Light, Tough, & Heavy Challenge events (Expired)
    • SURVIVAL40: 40% off GORUCK Survival events (Expired)
    • STAR15: 15% off GORUCK Star Course (Expired)
    • FIREARMS15: 15% off GORUCK Firearms events (Expired)
    • TOUGHDRY: 30% off of all Tough Dry apparel from GORUCK. (Expired)
    • TRAINMORE: 20% off all GORUCK sandbags. (Expired)
    • CHALLENGE40 (Expired – July 16, 2018)

    Top Gear to Purchase from GORUCK

    GORUCK has an array of gear, from 5 great rucking backpacks, to boots, clothing, and accessories.  If you’re wondering what to get with your new GORUCK backpack, the following gear is the most tested and best reviewed.

    For more information, see our own GORUCK reviews below

    Other GORUCK Perks

    GORUCK’s gear is pricey for a reason, and these 3 perks make the price well worth what you get, but ensure you understand them to get the most satisfaction out of your purchase.

    SCARS Lifetime Warranty  

    Ultimate GORUCK Coupon Code, Discount, and Sale Guide
    The GORUCK SCARS Guarantee covers your gear for life. Click for details

    The SCARS guarantee is an excellent lifetime warranty which makes GORUCK gear worth the price.  In GORUCK’s own words:

    “…everything we manufacture — comes with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee. If there is a defect in workmanship or materials or if you actually manage to wear our stuff out, GORUCK will fix or replace (at our discretion) your item, free of charge. No receipt necessary — we can recognize our own stuff — and your date of purchase does not matter. Hence lifetime.”

    Visit the SCARS Lifetime Warranty page for more information

    Free shipping on $35+ orders  

    Simply put $150 of merchandise or more in your cart and free shipping is automatically applied.

    GORUCK Return Policy: Free Returns & Exchanges 

    GORUCK sells everything online and has a lot of faith in the gear the team produces. As a result, the GORUCK return policy is generous and makes the large dollar investment worth it, reassuring customers with a solid no-risk trial period.

    A 30 day trial period is standard and the GORUCK return policy allows users to return gear for any reason to get a full refund (minus shipping fees) within that trial period

    A 60 day trial period applies to all gear but any returns are only given store credit, not cash refunds

    Note that returns are not accepted after 60 days, so get your abuse in before that point.

    See GORUCK’s return policy page for full details

    GORUCK Discount FAQ

    Does GORUCK offer a military discount?

    Does GORUCK offer free shipping?

    What is GORUCK’s return policy?

    Does GORUCK provide a warranty?

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