Tortuga Outbreaker Review: A Perfect Bag for Modern Travelers

Finding the right backpack for your travels – one that’s comfortable has just enough space, fits overhead in airlines, and protects your laptop & tech – can be pretty tough and aggravating…until now. In this Tortuga Outbreaker Review discover the perfect travel backpack for modern travelers and digital nomads. Waterproofing outer, tons of pockets inside … Read more

The 23 Best Tactical Backpacks Minimalist Travel and Hard Use

Best Tactical Backpack for Travel

As travelers and daily users hunt for the perfect travel backpack, combining function, durability, and value, the search has expanded beyond traditional book bags and hiking rucksacks. The realm of tactical backpacks intended for military grade abuse is now filled with great tactical travel backpack options, from military travel backpacks specifically designed for combat, hunting, … Read more

GORUCK GR1 vs. Rucker Comparison in Pictures

Deciding between the GORUCK Rucker vs. the GORUCK GR1 is a difficult task. Two extremely tough bags designed for rucking, workouts, travel, adventure, and hard use. In this post, you’ll find plenty of side by side images so you can see, and compare, the bags yourself. Good luck! Note: This post may contain affiliate links … Read more

GORUCK Rucker Review

When it comes to everyday carry backpacks, there is no “perfect backpack”, but you can find a backpack suited almost perfectly to your needs.  If you’re looking for a tough and rugged backpack that’s good for everyday life, but really thrives as a weighted backpack for rucking, weighted workouts, weighted calisthenics, and improvised fitness, the … Read more

Save 25% on Gear with GORUCK’s Earned Service Discount

If you’re in the market for one of GORUCK’s great backpacks, footwear, or apparel, though the gear is nearly bulletproof the pricepoint can still be a huge turnoff. Lucky for you, the GORUCK earned service discount (formerly the GORUCK military discount) can give you an easy 25% off all GORUCK gear, and that’s in addition … Read more

GORUCK GR3 Review (19 Month Test): The best carry on backpack for durability

GORUCK GR3 Review (Updated – 6 19 Month Test): The best carry on backpack for durability, likely to last a lifetime of travel. 19 months of hands-on experience traveling have proven the GR3’s tough build, simple yet well thought out design, and expandable yet carry on compliant size making it (in my opinion) the best … Read more

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review: An Amazing Travel Backpack for the Price

For a certain type of person, the optimal backpack needs to be durable enough to survive the apocalypse (or at least some hard travel) yet be functional enough to store everything in an organized way without slowing them down.  I’m that person, and the Greenroom136 Rainmaker is that bag. This is a GreenRoom136 Rainmaker review … Read more