The New GORUCK Cross Trainer: An amazing shoe to train, hike, and travel [Full Review]

GORUCK Cross Trainer Shoe Review

The GORUCK Cross Trainer shoe is one of the best all-around performing shoes I’ve tested, especially for adventurous travel and daily wear if you only want one pair of shoes.  The GORUCK IO Cross Trainer shoe’s military combat boot DNA delivers durability and toughness, and GORUCK’s performance focused upgrades finish the shoe with light weight … Read more

The 27 Best Travel Shoes for Men

The 8 Best Travel Shoes for Men: stylish travel shoes that will keep you ready for your kind of adventure

When traveling, shoes can make or break an adventure.  Uncomfortable shoes that aren’t up to the task will hamper the adventure. However, carrying too many shoes will weigh you down and stress you out.  The key to finding the best travel shoes for you is to find the single pair of shoes that are likely … Read more

My 8 Favorite Sandals for Travel and Adventure

Wander Southeast Asia for more than 5 minutes and you’ll notice something funny – everyone handles business in sandals.  And by “business” I mean everything from hard work in rice fields, hiking up mountains with loads on their back, and every other kind hard labor you can imagine.  All in sandals. So what does this … Read more

The 5 Best Socks for Rucking, Hiking, and Travel: Merino Socks for Comfy, Dry Feet

During most adventures, whether hiking or wandering, comfy feet can make or break how enjoyable an adventure.  Finding the best socks for rucking, hiking, or travel in general not only keeps your bag lighter but keeps your feet comfier and funk free.  The perfect pair of socks will keep your feet dry, avoid blisters, can … Read more

A GORUCK MACV-1 Review: Awesome Boots for Travelers and Ruckers

For adventurous travelers that like to travel light (like carry on only), a great piece of footwear that is comfortable on long treks but muted enough to blend in the city is the holy grail of travel gear, and something I’m always on the lookout for.  The GORUCK MACV-1 just might be a great replacement … Read more

Lems Boulder Boot Review: A stylish, packable travel boot

Lems Boulder Boot Review - The Perfect Travel Shoe

For people that travel light, and adventurously on occasion, and minimalists that love the outdoors, finding footwear that performs well on trails without being too bulky and taking up valuable packing space has been a nearly impossible problem…until now.  — This is a Lems Boulder Boot review for lightweight travelers and minimalists. I’ve been traveling … Read more

Lowa Renegade GTX Review: An understated hiking shoe that overperforms

Lowa Renegade GTX Review:

The Lowa Renegade GTX – A straight forward hiking shoe with an understated look and high performance right out of the box.  From Laos to Everest, over months of travel through a variety of activities, terrains, and climates, the Lowa Renegade GTX kept my feet comfortable and feeling great, letting me focus more on the … Read more

The Best Travel Sandals and Best Sandals for Men on the Market:  A Xero Sandals Review (Z-Trail)

Xero Z-Trails Review by A Brother Abroad

Xero Sandals’ Z-Trails are the best travel sandals on the market – they’re functional and rugged enough for adventurous travelers while still looking good enough to wear casually.  The sandals are lightweight and roll up small enough to fit in the palm your hand yet durable as car tires while still hugging your feet snuggly … Read more

The Best Men’s Travel Shoe for Adventurous Travelers: A Grunt Style Low Tide Raid Shoes Review

THE BEST MENS TRAVEL SHOES - Grunt Style Low Tide Raid Shoes Review - hiking sneakers ready for style, travel, and adventure

Travel ready hiking sneakers that can hike, run and swim (seriously!), and stay stylish every step of the road…and trail Long term travelers and minimalist travelers need durable clothing and gear that looks good and performs as many functions well as possible in order to keep their bags light – The Grunt Style Low Tide … Read more