(Pt 4) A Crash Course as a Volunteer Teacher and a Worthwhile Venture

Teaching English to Refugees in Lesvos Greece as a Global Volunteer

A Note from Carlos: Teachers and Educators – Thank you. What you do is invaluable. I want to open this with a thank you. Thank you to educators of all kinds, teachers, administrators, and facilitiators. Official and unofficial. Thank you for dedicating your life to the pursuit of building minds and empowering people with knowledge. … Read more

(Pt 3) The Meaning of “A Brother Abroad” & Translating in Europe’s Worst Refugee Camp (Adventures as a Global Volunteer)

Moria Camp Adventures as a Global Volnteer avoiding voluntourism and experiences as a volunteer abroad free to do good as I see fit

Moria Camp, on Lesvos Greece, is arguably the worst refugee camp in Europe.  By chance, I was lucky enough to pick up a week long volunteering job translating for patients at a medical clinic.  I dealt with their pent up frustrations, pains, and emotions in the process of translating.  I listened to the sources of … Read more

(Pt 2) Lesvos: Boat Spotter, Volunteer Teacher, Coffee Server, & Solo Volunteer (Adventures as a Global Volunteer)

Boat spotting during the refugee crisis on Lesvos - The Global Volunteer Adventures - A Brother Abroad

  As I settled into Lesvos and learned the situation, I realized very quickly that the need for “spotting refugee boats” was long past.  The need was no longer to help disoriented refugees off of boats and onto to Greek beaches.  The need was now empowerment through knowledge and skills and recovery from past atrocities … Read more

(Pt 1) Why volunteer in Greece to help the refugee crisis? To empower refugees in rebuilding their lives.

  In the first part of my adventure of volunteering to help in the refugee crisis on Lesvos, I answer the question “why volunteer?”, I get honest about the risks of volunteerism, and I become acquainted with the island that is home to the worst refugee camp in Europe and the precarious situation it exists … Read more