The Ultimate Western Rise Evolution Pant Review

Extremely stylish, lightweight, breathable, and travel-ready, the Western Rise Evolution Pant is just as suited for adventures as looking good.  After a year of wearing these awesomely techy yet comfy and stylish pants, they’ve become my travel pants of choice for another year of travel. Suppose you’re aiming for a minimalist (yet stylish), travel-ready wardrobe … Read more

The New GORUCK Cross Trainer: An amazing shoe to train, hike, and travel [Full Review]

GORUCK Cross Trainer Shoe Review

The GORUCK Cross Trainer shoe is one of the best all-around performing shoes I’ve tested, especially for adventurous travel and daily wear if you only want one pair of shoes.  The GORUCK IO Cross Trainer shoe’s military combat boot DNA delivers durability and toughness, and GORUCK’s performance focused upgrades finish the shoe with light weight … Read more

The 17 Best Men’s Travel Shirts for Style, Comfort, and Adventure

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

As much as I hate to admit it, the perfect men’s travel shirt doesn’t exist.  You might find comfortable travel shirts that look good – but those same “perfect travel shirts” may be too delicate to adventure hard in, dry too slowly, and get destroyed when you drop it off at a Southeast Asian laundry … Read more

7 Great Men’s Travel Shorts for Any Kind of Travel

Travel Shorts

The right pair of men’s travel shorts, that look good and perform well through your adventures are the perfect addition to your travel wardrobe Most people enjoy traveling to sunny places with warm weather and refreshing water, so for most travelers bringing a good pair of shorts is essential.  Just make sure these travel shorts … Read more

The 27 Best Travel Shoes for Men

The 8 Best Travel Shoes for Men: stylish travel shoes that will keep you ready for your kind of adventure

When traveling, shoes can make or break an adventure.  Uncomfortable shoes that aren’t up to the task will hamper the adventure. However, carrying too many shoes will weigh you down and stress you out.  The key to finding the best travel shoes for you is to find the single pair of shoes that are likely … Read more

15 Best Men’s Travel Pants for Every Style, Budget, or Adventure

Men’s Travel Pants for Every Style, Budget, or Adventure | Travel Pants

Men’s Travel Pants: The unicorn of the travel wardrobe | What to take and how to avoid overpacking are some of the most vexing problems in travel prep.  Having durable clothing that looks good, doesn’t get dirty, and performs well from the city to the trail definitely makes packing and planning easier and this is … Read more

7 Reasons Outlier Slim Dungarees Are Your Perfect Travel Pants

Outlier Slim Dungarees Review (6)

Finding those perfect travel pants – those pants that look good, stay clean, stay comfortable, and are durable enough to last your travels – is like chasing a unicorn and the ongoing quest of frequent travelers.  In some part of our minds, we think they exist…but those mythical “perfect travel pants” are nowhere to be … Read more

The 5 Best Socks for Rucking, Hiking, and Travel: Merino Socks for Comfy, Dry Feet

During most adventures, whether hiking or wandering, comfy feet can make or break how enjoyable an adventure.  Finding the best socks for rucking, hiking, or travel in general not only keeps your bag lighter but keeps your feet comfier and funk free.  The perfect pair of socks will keep your feet dry, avoid blisters, can … Read more

Foehn Brise Pant Review: The Perfect Hiking, Jogging, and Travel Pants

Discover the perfect casual and travel pants in this Foehn Brise Pants review – an outdoor focused rock climbing tech pant with a modern and stylish aesthetic that makes them perfect for travel, gym, and daily where, far beyond the crags. Finding that perfect pair of pants for adventurous travel, that look good, feel comfortable, … Read more