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    The Best Sunset Points On Gili Trawangan: A Complete Guide + Nightlife After

    The Gili islands are a dream destination, with white sand beaches and emerald waters nestled in the Indian ocean. Though Gili Trawangan and the other two Gili islands, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, are almost equal in beauty, Gili Trawangan delivers some of the most amazing sunsets you’ll ever witness. But in order to make the most of your time on the island, you need to know the best sunset point Gili Trawangan has to offer.

    Sunset Point Gili Trawangan

    In this complete guide, I’ll share the most beautiful sunset point on Gili Trawangan – with pure vibes and volcano views – the best sunset point for adventurers – a short hike to the highest point on the island – the best sunset swing, and the best place to “just chill” (hammock style) for sunset.

    Read on to learn everything you need to know for the perfect Gili sunset experience, and where to go after to make the most of your time on Gili T.


    • The 2 best sunset spots are Pink Coco (facing mount agung on Bali) and the highest point on Gili T
    • The best Gili T Sunset Swing is at Ombak Sunset hotel, sitting in the ocean facing directly into the sunset
    • Go minimum 30 minutes to an hour early to your sunset point, to enjoy it fully
    • Rent a bike for the 25-45 minute ride, and don’t forget a headlamp for the ride back in the dark

    Contents of this Complete Guide to Sunset Point Options on Gili Trawangan

    The Best Sunset Points on Gili Trawangan

    Logistics, Planning, and Tips

    Why put the effort into going to a good sunset spot

    • The sunset is best experienced on the western side or the southwest side of the island, letting you watch the sun set into the Indian ocean, or behind a volcano
    • The best spots have a clear view to Bali and the Mount Agung volcano for sunset
    • The perfect place for you will also have the perfect vibes – chill vibes, music, beer, shade while you wait
    • Also, the best spots have seats, shade, and snacks to enjoy while you wait for the sun to retreat

    Tips up front for having the best Gili T sunset experience possible

    • Use Google Maps to get around the island, and download a map of Gili T for offline use
    • Bring a headlamp to walk or ride back to the main side of Gili as night falls – better than a flashlight for riding
    • Rent a bike for the experience. If you go to the best spots, on the western side of the island, the walk back will be 45 minutes
    • Go an hour before sunset time, to full relax and enjoy
    • Though sunset on Gili T generally happens between 6:00PM and 6:45PM, you can Check Google to see what time sunset will happen on Gili, to time it right
    • Also consider – a late snorkel session on the west coast and chill your way into an impromptu sunset cruise with a private boat ride home (to the east side of Gili) after


    Booking accommodation for the best sunset and experience

    If you want a party filled Gili experience get a hotel on the east side of the island, and bike to the west for sunsets – rent in front of the port where most shops are to make returning your bike easier

    If you want an overall chill experience in Gili, book a place on the west, and just trek to the east to eat. This way, every evening will end with a priceless

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    The Best Sunset Point On Gili Trawangan, And 5 Other Great Options

    If you have multiple nights on Gili Trawangan you should do yourself a favor and plan a new spot for each sunset. Though it is hard to wrong with a sunset, you’ll make better memories picking something either fits your vibe – like a desolate white sand beach on the island’s empty west side – a picturesque swing, a hilltop with a picturesque via of the ocean, the other two islands, and Lombok, or just a great bean bag with tunes in the back.

    Best Beach Bar Sunset Point Gili Trawangan: Pink Coco And Sunset Kiss


    Pink Coco Gili T and Sunset Kiss Beach Club Beachside Bar

    Hitting the points of stylish, fun, and chill, without losing that soul and vibe that people come to Gili for – not too resorty, not too dive bar-ish.

    If you only spend one night on Gili T, spend your sunset here. Pink Coco popped up during the pandemic next to the original “Sunset Point Gili Trawangan” that was actually just an empty beach. It was fantastic when it was just a beach, and the experience is even better now.

    Pink Coco is the perfect sunset spot because it not only faces the sun as it sets into the Java sea, but also has a via straight to Bali, with a view of the sacred Bali volcano Mount Agung as the start of the view.

    Outside of the top notch view, this low key beach bar has a uniquely pink with a setup with bean bags and loungers so everyone gets a beautiful view of Bali’s sacred mount Agung volcano with a backdrop of the perfect sunset. Tropical vibes music in the background and a DJ managing the ambiance 5pm to 9pm nightly make this arguably the best sunset spot in Gili.

    Collocated with Kiss Beach Club, and the Pink Coco Resort, this beach bar has a full service bar, pastries and snacks

    To get to Pink Coco simply walk south from the Gili Trawangan Port (~25 minute walk), although I recommend renting a bike for the trip.

    Location Info:

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    (The Original) Sunset Point Gili Trawangan

    Before Gili T became super cool like it is today, most of the island was undeveloped, without beach bars and resorts, having more of a lovable deserted island and pirate life vibe than posh vacation spot, and back then the spot of choice was the original “Gili Trawangan Sunset Point.” This empty beach with a couple of benches gives the same view of Bali and Mount Agung without the beach club and the potentially pricey drinks.

    To get to the original Gili Trawangan sunset point, walk (~23 minutes) or ride south from the Gili T port and main area, arrive, and pick your spot.

    Logistics: Bring a sarong or beach blanket to enjoy a spot in the sand, and consider stopping by one of the mini marts along the way to pickup a few beers and snacks. Pack a blue tooth speaker and a fully charged phone for a full vibe.

    Google Maps Location

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    Highest Sunset View (Perfect For Hikers): Gili Trawangan Hilltop And Hiking Viewpoint

    For the outdoorsy types that like a little nature, adventure, and would love a private sunset in return, consider hiking to the highest point on Gili Trawangan for sunset.


    Labeled on Google Maps as the Hilltop Hiking View Point, the hike is only ~25 minutes from the busy main street of Gili, but feels completely empty. I was lucky enough to glimpse a herd of 20 wild deer on my hike.

    Click here for directions in Google Maps

    Additionally, consider going to point nearby labeled “Plix Sunset Viewpoint” in Google maps (click here for directions in Google Maps).

    Last, checkout the deserted restaurant, just steps away along the path, with a fantastic view of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air, and Lombok from above.

    Logistics: Wear sturdier shoes for the hike as some points can be a little slippery and steep, but adventurous types in flip flops should be fine. Definitely pack a bottle of water, and also consider the standard sarong (to sit on), snacks, and beer

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    Quietest Sunset View: Gili Trawangan Sunset Beach, next to Sunset Bar

    A short walk past Pink Coco and the “original” sunset point is a quieter option – Gili Trawangan Sunset beach. This beach has a just as amazing view, with no development, hence the “quietest sunset view.”


    A simple beachfront spot that will make a great memory, but don’t forget to BYOB, sarong, and tunes

    Location info:  

    If you do forget the goods, just look out of the corner of your eye and you’ll see the island bar-esque sunset bar. However, fair warning, it has only been open half the times I’ve gone there

    If you’re on a budget or craving sunset, come here for calm and quiet.

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    Most Convenient Sunset View: Santi Beach Club at Pondok Santi Resort

    Pondok Santi and Pondok Santi Beach Club (Google Maps Location)


    Just a 15 minute walk from “downtown Gili T” and the closest lux sunset viewpoint

    If you’re aiming to stay closer to the main street of Gili T but still catch a good sunset and enjoy beach life, I recommend Santi Beach club, on the shore in front of luxury, Indonesia-chic resort Pondok Santi.

    Though this spot doesn’t completely have a view of sunset, because it sits more on the southern tip than the west, the view is still amazing.

    During November, December, and January Santi Beach catches the sunset. The rest of the year, Lombok and Rinjani tower in view across the water, and the white sandy beach feels lux and lovely. Additionally, the full service bar and waiter (that is across the street) serves you in beach beds or the beach cabana.

    You just need to purchase a drink and you can enjoy a beach bed and cabana from here.

    Additionally – if you are looking for a good place to stay that feels off the beaten path but is actually convenient, I recommend the resort. I stayed for a week, spending mornings alone on the beach drinking coffee, afternoons in the hammocks that dot the property, and many evenings on the beach

    Best if you want to balance chill with everything else

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    Most Social View Point: Mad monkey hostel

    Oddly, one of the most social viewpoints is one of the most remote, and is actually pretty awesome, especially for solo travelers and backpackers. Mad Monkey Hostel


    Mad Monkey hostel, which already has a reputation for being the party hostel chain in Southeast Asia, grabbed a large swath of beachfront on the northwest coast of Gili T, partially facing Bali, and partially looking out into the beautiful empty of the Java Sea where the sun sets.

    On the beach, you’ll have a fantastic sunset.

    Behind you, a fully booked hostel and cool bar and restaurant setup serve drinks and social vibes to return to and make friends as night falls.

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    Most Instagrammable Sunset View: Hotel Ombak and the Gili T Swing

    If a swing and Instagram worthy pics are what you’re after, Hotel Ombak Sunset is clearly where you need to go – as stated in the name.


    At Hotel Ombak’s beachfront, you’ll be able to walk on the beach and wait your turn to snap a picture on the swing or many other Instagram worthy props that the hotel has built on the beach, and enjoy a drink at the Ombak Sunset Bar after

    Hotel Ombak Sunset (Google Maps Location Here)

    (0370) 644333

    Runner Up for Most Instagrammable Sunset Point: Villa Gili Bali Beach

    If the line at Ombak Hotel is too long, continue on to Villa Gili Bali Beach. This new, luxe, and visually stunning villa styled hotel has a great beach to enjoy sunset from, and an equally great hotel to snap pictures in on the quieter, chiller side of Gili.

    Villa Gili Bali Beach (Google Maps Location Here)


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    Most Chill Sunset Points on Gili Trawangan: Exile Bar and Window Bar

    If you want to do what Gili T is best for and just chill in peace, from the afternoon until the sun goes down, and just happen to enjoy a great view of the sunset along the way The Exile bar and Window Bar are where you want to go


    The Exile (Bar)

    The exile is a beachfront bar on the quiet side of Gili, with Rasta and island style with mellow vibes and plenty of seating


    Window Bar

    This spot on the quiet side of Gili has a cool setup with very much a chic island look and, with lighting and comfy seating, is somewhere you could stay well after dark.

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    Other Sunset Spots Mentioned as Sunset Spots

    • Hotel Lumi Gili Trawangan: A cool “lumbung” (traditional Indonesian cabin) style resort on Gili’s west coast, with a clean powdery sand beach and a clear view of the sun setting in to the Java sea. If you want Gili Air/Meno vibes and perfect sunset, consider staying here.
    • Villa Almarik: Though this resort and spa is next to the best place to snorkel with turtles, its facing away from the sunset year round. Save this spot for a spa treatment or daytime snorkeling
    • Malibu Beach: Once upon a time, a fun beach club on the west coast with a great sunset view, now permanently closed

    More Instagrammable Experiences: The Gili T Sunset Swings

    With all of the swings littering Gili T, you’ll find plenty great sunset swings as long as you stay to the west side of the island.


    If you are looking for the perfect sunset swing for your Instagram pics, these are the contenders.

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    What Time Is Sunset On Gili Trawangan? Check Google To Find Out

    Though year round, sunset in Gili Trawangan is sometime between 6:00PM and 6:45PM Keep in mind that sunset on Gili Trawangan changes daily, as does the direction that the sun sets (so check in the morning to plan your day. The best way to check is Google “sunset Gili Trawangan time” or just click here.

    Average Sunset Time in Gili Trawangan by Month

    • January – 6:41PM
    • February – 6:40PM
    • March – 6:29PM
    • April – 6:13PM
    • May – 6:04PM
    • June – 6:05PM
    • July – 6:12PM
    • August – 6:15PM
    • September – 6:12PM
    • October – 6:10Pm
    • November – 6:15PM
    • December – 6:28PM

    (Sunset times listed are for the 15th day of each month)

    What Time Should You Go To Your Sunset Spot On Gili Trawangan: At Least 30 Minutes To An Hour Early

    Also keep in mind that the time Google says sunset will be is when it will be completely dark. The sunset experience, seeing the water touch the ocean and drop below slowly, is about a 30 minute experience. Additionally, you probably want to settle into a bean bag, order a drink, and relax into the vibe to make the most of it – which will likely take another 30 minutes considering the island life pace.

    To make the most of your time, and get a good seat for the sunset on busy Gili, arrive 1 hour before sunset for the best experience.

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    What To Do After Sunset: Gili Trawangan Nightlife

    Every night of the week, Gili Trawangan, the reputed “party island” of the Gilis, delivers a different bit of entertainment.


    If you are looking for a party after sunset each day of the week, head to these beach bars respectively

    • Monday: Blue Marlin
    • Tuesday: “Latin Loco Fest” at Lava bar or Trawangan Cabins
    • Wednesday: Tir Na Nog (“The Irish”)
    • Thursday: Ombak bar for earlier parties or quiz night at Trawangan dive, and Sama Sama (usually live Reggae)or the ool party at Gili Hostel as a follow up
    • Friday: Lava bar for Binggo and Jungle Bar after party or Surf Bar and Rudy’s as other options
    • Saturday: Tequila Sunrise for earlier in the night, and Sama Sama bar as things get late
    • Sunday: Evolution + Ladies’ night in the Irish

    Alternatively for partying and night life options, places like Mad Monkey Gili Trawangan offer a self-contained experience that stays lively 24 hours a day, balancing the peaceful vibes and picturesque view of the west side of the island that the hostel sits on. The crew of backpackers that haunt this place in cycles still venture to the bars of the east side as well, so if you’re a solo traveler you’ll have a built in friends group here.

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    More Things to Do on Gili T


    Essential Tips for Your Gili Trip

    How to Find Your Way to Your Sunset Spot: Google Maps, and Directions on Foot

    The best way to get from where you are to your sunset point is to use Google maps (to estimate how long you’ll be walking) and simply stay to the paved path that runs around the island. I’d recommend avoiding walking through the island as the view is less picturesque and its easier to get lost – especially at night.


    By contrast, the paved road that now runs all of the way around Gili T in a 6.6 kilometer loop is a beautiful and enjoyable path to walk or bike, and has ocean views the entire way dotted by partial tree tunnels.

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    Getting to Gili Trawangan

    To get from Bali to Gili Trawangan, you’ll need to leave from either Padang Bai port, Amed port, or Sanur Harbor by fast boat.

    If you are leaving from Canggu, Seminyak, or Ubud to Gili Trawangan leave from Padanga Bai port. (Click here to learn more and find where to book)

    If you are leaving from Uluwatu Sanur, or the peninsula of Bali to Gili Trawangan leave from Sanur harbor. (Click here to learn more and find where to book)

    If you are leaving from Lovina, Amed, or the north of Bali to Gili Trawangan leave by fast boat from Amed. (Click here to learn more and find where to book)

    Good Info: Rent A Bike. There Are No Motorbikes, and it’s a long (but enjoyable) walk 

    Rent a bike next to the port on arrival to bike the island at will and walk for a more enjoyable, slower pace

    The beauty and curse of Gili is that there are no gas powered motorized vehicles on the island – only bicycles, horse drawn carriages, and small electric scooters that top out at 25 kilometers per hour – and feet.

    This is beautiful because you’ll enjoy quiet, peaceful feels of yesteryear and just the crisp cool air rolling off the ocean. This can also be a curse because the 6.6km loop around the island takes about 1.5 hours to walk (I know, I’ve walked it many times…and loved it actually).


    Luckily, the road going around the entire island is paved, making a walk or ride very enjoyable.

    Renting a bike for your entire trip on Gili is a good bet. So you can bike quickly to destinations you need to get to fast – like getting food, or meeting friends at a certain time – and then walk and mozy for the rest of the time.

    I recommend renting next to the port so you can bike with your backpack to your hotel (instead of carrying your luggage). Also, picking up a bike at the port makes returning seamless as you will depart from the same port and can dropoff just before you leave.

    There is an option to ride the horse drawn carts – however, the horses and donkeys pulling the carts rarely look happy or healthy, so I’ll leave that info and option for you.

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    Other Tips for Your Gili T Sunset Adventure

    • Bring a flashlight for your way back, so you can enjoy the full sunset and twilight
    • Don’t forget the bug spray as mosquitos become more vicious around sunset
    • Bring “refreshments, snacks, and a music box if you won’t be at a beach bar”
    • If drinking – stick to beer, as the hard liquor has been reported to have methanol (by trusted friends) as a good rule for your entire time on Gili

    FAQs about the best Sunset Point Gili Trawangan

    Where can I watch the sunset in Gili Trawangan?

    • Any beach on the southwest and west sides of Gili Trawangan will deliver an amazing sunset view, but the Pink Coco and the Gili Trawangan Sunset beach are the best viewpoints for sunset on Gili T.

    Where is the sunset in Gili T?

    • On Gili T, the sun will set to the west and southwest, with the best viewpoints being in the west and southwest of the island

    Which side of Gili Trawangan is best?

    • The west, northwest, and southwest sides of Gili Trawangan are best for sunset depending on if you want a view of Bali and the volcano mount agung, a view of Lombok and Mount Rinjani, or simply a view of the sun setting into the Java Sea

    Where can I watch the sunrise Gili T?

    • Pink Coco or the Gili Trawangan Sunset Beach are the two best places to watch the sunset on Gili T

    How many days should you spend on Gili T?

    • 3 days minimum with a week being just enough.

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